Polish Friends

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

It's Wednesday, It's Wednesday (doing the cabbage patch)

Morning guys!!! Hope you all are having a great week, I'm about to go cray cray, waiting on my ipad 2. In fact, I'm pretty sure I have watched every youtube video out there, on them, lol. Well today, you know, since it's Pink Wednesday, I wanted to use my China Glaze BFF, the good one. You can find a comp here of good vs bad. Anyways, I also wanted to use the little cute Bulldog tattoo from bigRuby Nail Tattoos.

Also, I want  to thank you all for entering the giveaway, and want to announce the winner.......
Elizabeth, CONGRATS!!!  She has already been contacted, and gotten back to me.

Now onto the mani....
I started with 2 coats of Orly Kiss the Bride

Then using tape, I added China Glaze BFF for my tips

and I finally added the cute bulldog nail tattoo from bigRubys


  1. Hi!
    I gave you an award in my blog :)
    It's in spanish but you can translate it into english using google translator on the side bar.
    Congrats :D

  2. Lol, I love how you added the bulldog to a very girly mani.

  3. gorgeous, erika =)))
    btw, I just swatched qt, and your bff looks very similar to my qt, my bff feels like it's a lot more cool toned... what the heck? =D

  4. Beautiful mani, even if I'd like it most without bulldog (but these stickers from bigRuby Nail Tatoos seems very nice, don't look like stickers but like stampings). I took your advise about biotin, I want to thank you, it seems it's working (my hair looks better and nails don't spit and chip anymore).

  5. Hi! Your basecolor looks very much like the swatch I did on my blog, a couple of days ago: Dior Vernis Pink Porcelain!! Maybe they're dupes?

    http://kimskienails.blogspot.com and see for yourself :)


  6. Your bad BFF reminds me of TTYL.

    I feel like I'm talking in code lol. But anyhow, I always love your mani's. They inspire me to stop being lazy about my own.

    pretty perfect, congratulations.

    I'll follow you


  8. That BFF color is amazing! Definitely want to get it for my collection.

  9. LOL...I love it. Before the bulldog it was very nice, but after-feisty lol! Great color combo!

  10. Wow gorgeous french holo, love it!

  11. nothing to add but: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Ruby looks so good pretty in pink!

  13. ok, now I'm home and re-reading this post. looks like the computer screen at work is way, way too bright. bff looked exactly like qt there, but now it's just like mine =) <3

  14. I looove the tips! The bulldog adds a nice little touch too! : D

  15. Nice mani, love your choice of polishes, they go so well together.

  16. I love pink Wednesdays :) You are an inspiration!

  17. what the heck! this is very cute & unique.

  18. congrats to the winner :)

  19. Thanks you guys!

    Jirafuca, thank you so much!!

    Prettyinscarlet, oh YAY, don't you just love it! I swear it makes all the difference in the world to my nails :)

    Lisa, HAHA, IKR?!?!?

    Trincess, yeah QT is a brighter pink, imo. I'm just happy to have the pinker version of BFF

  20. Love, love, LOVE this combo! :D

  21. Oh my, how cute wasn´t that dog, too cute I tell you! At first I was like, oh, that gelly polish looks pretty god, and then when you painted the tip I was like, ooh, now it´s looks even prettier, and then, when I saw the dog, I was like, Oh my f** I want that stamp!!

  22. Hey thanks for the nail polish combinations. I have been using a lot of nail images from Chloe nails. Now I just found out about this blog!!!

  23. Wow, you got a really cute nails and designs. I love the nude color and french style.


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