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Monday, April 4, 2011

Color Club 2011 Wicked Sweet

Wow, I had such a great weekend! My night with the girls was so much fun, my husbands cousin and his fiance came up to stay the night with us and their new baby boy, sooo cute, my daughter now has an imaginary pet ghost dog, haha, Max, and my husband built me a light box to take pictures with. So here are my first pictures using it. I know I still need to play around with it, and my camera settings, but I love it. So these look semi matte, but they are not, for some reason my light box makes them appear that way. I have an OTT lamp on the way to me :)

Okay anyways, here is the 2nd set that Kim from Color Club sent me, called Wicked Sweet. It's 7 scented neon polishes, and OMG do they smell, and sooooo good!!  Since these are on the sheerer side, like most neons, I always do a coat of white first, then the polish.

This is Get Your Lem-On

The Lime Starts Here

I Always Get My Man-Darin

Yum Gum

and my favorite, and current pedi, Raspberry Rush

Gimme A Grape Big Kiss

and yep, my camera really hates my skin when I wear blue, lol.
Wicked Sweet


  1. Great pics as always!
    Do you find the light of makes it easier to capture the color correctly? I'm going to start my own blog and have been playing with my camera and find it's so hard to capture the right color!

  2. Oh man autocorrect didn't like lightbox. That's what I meant instead of light of.

  3. Love thesse colours.
    Chloe I have a question, I myself I have a blog and I want it to mainly focus on reviews of nail polishes, collections and that sort of things. I do not seem to have any success with it. What is your advice? How did yours become so famous? ;)
    I really do look up to you.
    Also how do you start every post?

    Hope you see this.



  4. These look all faboulous! Love the pink ones and Wicked sweet :)

  5. OMG, I looove these colors!!!! Especially Raspberry Rush & Gimme a Grape Big Kiss...why do us girls love pink so much? :)

    Esther, Ericka is my nail inspiration also. Don't you just love her blog? Thanks for posting your URL. I'm gonna follow you so show me some good nail stuff and have fun with it!!

  6. Nice bright colors! I love the pink and purple ones!

  7. oOo scented polish....this is very tempting the colors looks so good and they're scented...i've recently bought 2 revlon scented polishes and I really like them...now im tempted to get these color club ones too...when i use the revlon ones I keep smelling my nails and i swear people think im nuts... ahaha

  8. the purple tones...omg >.< melt....

  9. Get Your Lem-On and Wicked Sweet♥

  10. ohhh... i want cc here! :( the wicked sweet is sooo glamourous!

  11. That first one is gorgeous! How/where did you take pics before (the lightbox)?

  12. ahhhh I'm loving all the colors!
    I don't own Color Club.. this collection is really sending me over the end lol (:

  13. Great swatches! My first CC polishes are on my way, I think I'll love it. :-)

  14. Yum Gum is definitely yummy! Great swatches ^^

  15. I'm a sucker for polishes that smell good. I just wish these had a more unique finish/color like the other fabulous neons Color Club makes. Thank you so much for the swatches!

  16. Hi there! Great swatches as always - I love your blog!! I'm a professional photographer and I think I know what might be going on with your lightbox/light. If you would like some help with that feel free to write me at:

    dgphotos [at] hotmail [dot] com

  17. I second Esthers question. I also have made a blog, just with pictures of my random manicures I do every so often. How do you go about getting followers without being an annoyance and spamming forums, etc?! Lovely colors, btw. Really like the blue one!


  18. I love the blue! <3
    I really want to try these, I bet they smell soo good.

  19. Raspberry Crush and Yum Gum are the colors I have a yummie crush on!

  20. Gorgeous! This collection is on my wishlist! :)

  21. love them!!! where can I find Color Club for sale? what store? I can't find it here.

  22. The green and the blue are amaziiing! Your nails are to=)!

  23. really love the grape color :) great polishes

  24. Amei as coresssss, pena que no Brasil não tem!

    =/ mas ta lindoooooooooo


  25. What's the formula like on these? Easy to paint with? I only have one polish from CC so far and it's that black holo everyone has. :)

    Nice colours! I do like the I Always Get My Man-darin and Raspberry Crush. :)

  26. Thanks everyone!! I'm such a sucker for neons in the Summer, I love them on my toes the most, and the fact that these are scented, is perfect!

    Deanna, I haven't played around with it much yet, but I would say yes. I have ordered an OTT light, and I'm hoping it will help with the colors and finishes :P

    Esther & Amanda, what really helped get mine going was other bloggers, really enjoying my tape manis. I neer advertised, and did anything really special. Making sure to have good pics and updating your blog frequently is a huge helper. I honestly feel really lucky that my blog has grown as fast as it has, but like I said, I owe it ot other bloggers, blogging about me :)

    Laura, I just held my hand under our floor lamp, lol. Fancy I know :P

    Naghmeh, thank you so much and I appreciate your offer. I might take you up on it.

    keshafaye, haha, I think it's been drilled into our heads since we were little, that pink, ALWAYS represents a true girl, lol, and princesses always wear it :)

    Nolitoshy, CC is sold at my Bed Bath & Beyond, Ross stores, and a few places online, ie. Transdesign, 8ty8beauty.

    Perdy, I love CC's formula. These have the same formula as their other neons had :) Most neons are pretty sheer, so a coat of white underneath helps :)

  27. Erika, what white do you use as underwear when using neons? I have a couple of whites but they're too sheer.

  28. WOW! So summer-y! : D

  29. Gorgeous. And more for my wishlist.

  30. Where do you buy Color Club polish at?

  31. Thanks you guys!

    Tahillia, I use OPI Alpine Snow Matte. It only needs 1 coat, and dries super fast :)

    Dani, you can buy them at Ross, ome Bath and Body Works, online at transdesign.com or 8ty8beauty.com

  32. I just saw these the other day and passed them up!! Now I must go back!

  33. I'm seriously obsessed with these!!

  34. Haha, me too! I love the way they all smell


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