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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Umm..It is supposed to be crooked

Morning! Okay, I have come to the conclusion that it is all MUA's fault that I can't seem to stop buying polishes :) A few weeks ago, a sweet lady, Diava, posted some pics of some A-England polishes, that I just HAD to have, you know, like every other polish, lol. So I got them both, Lady of the Lake, which is the one I'm showing you today, and Tristam, which is also a holo, but a dark blue one!! I don't have any top coat on in these pics, because I was just swatching, and playing one of my new Mash plates. I'll take real actual swatches of them both this weekend :) Here is where I purchased mine :) I also want to swatch these in the day with sun, so you can all see it's true holo-ness.

Okay, well here is 2 coats of Lady of the Lake

Then I used the M60 Mash plate

and using Love & Beauty Silver, I did the dots design. Now here is what drives me crazy....the design is CROOKED! I can't stand that, and had this been a full mani, I would have had to start all over, lol. This is why I rarely do the designs that have to be placed in the center, or lined up, because I suck, lol

Just some pretty bottle pics, I love them! 


  1. LOVE the color combo! I agree.. It irritates the CRAP out of me if I don't have perfect/straight lines and designs!

  2. I can't stop biting my nails and it's driving me nuts because I love painting them and doing nail designs. I want a konad set so bad but it doesn't seem worth it when I have stubs for nails :(

  3. I've been drooling over these ones for a while, I think I may have to break down and buy them :)Of course, you aren't helping at all with your perfect nails making them look even more amazing!

  4. That is the EXACT reason that I've pretty much sworn of konad recently.

    I love that color!

  5. i think it looks great! i love the color

  6. What a lovely color! I love seeing a new brand emerge :)

  7. This just made me break my April no-buy :/ They look gorgeous!!

  8. Beautiful, beautiful colour! I've never heard of this brand, but I'll have to check it out :D

  9. I think everyone is harder on their own work than other people. I actually don't even see where you say it's crooked? It looks lovely to me :)

  10. I agree with Melissa! Looks great to me too!! I only WISH my Konad/MASH handiwork looked as good as yours!!

  11. i like the silver polish. is it love & beauty ashes or silver lining?

  12. pretty polish.. going to stalk it now... for designs that are meant to be straight, I almost always angle them so that it doesn't matter if they're straight lol

  13. I think the designs looks great. I can barely tell they're crooked, to be honest.

  14. I wish I could get my designs to look that straight! They're noticeably lopsided when I try.

  15. ali's right in my opinion. i think this looks beautiful.

    i suck at stamping. argh. i can barely get any design from the palette/pad (sorry for my bad english, i'm german ) on the stamp.

    i saw that you've done other great tutorials already and maybe you're interessted in doing one for stamping as well?! i'd really appreciate that ;)

  16. I honestly cannot tell that the design is crooked. It looks fantastic! : D

  17. Honestly I wouldn't have noticed it was crooked if you hadn't pointed it out... this combo looks GORGEOUS!! *jealous eyes and drool*

  18. hey! love your blog:)
    Question- The plate you used you called a "mash plate" is that not a normal konad?? Where do you buy them if it isn't a normal konad one?

  19. Chloe,
    is lovely....and the polish is also beautiful. I checked the site...2 shades you bought seem to be the most interesting ones, except maybe Holy Grail as well:)

    I buy my Mash plates on amazon. It's a dupe. Much cheaper than Konad and the quality is superb.

  20. That color is gorgeous! I see where the pattern is slightly crooked but it doesn't seem to detract from the overall look. I like how the dots fade out. I think I may have that same design on a different plate.

    I probably have to blame you for my recent polish purchases. Everytime I see a color on your nails I don't have then I have to go out and find it!

  21. Thanks for mentioning MASH plates, I hadn't heard of them before. Just ordered them on Amazon! :)

  22. I don't know why, but I think the design is supposed to be that way. I think it's more interesting than if they were going straight across. Love the mani!

  23. stumbled on your blog while browsing, was shocked to see you mentioned my MUA post of these polishes :D MUA is responsible for my wallet getting a whole lot emptier lol, I'm so glad you managed to get Tristam and Lady Of The Lake, Lady of the lake looks awesome on you and I really like the Konad Design you chose!! :) just became a follower of your blog :) It's awesome I look forward to checking more of it out :)

  24. Thanks you guys!!

    Anonymous, you should def try it. That helped me quit biting my nails. Inoticed if they looked pretty, I didn't want to bite them

    Laura, haha, atleast it is for some pretties :)

    Melissa, Oh I agree 100% Thanks :)

    joonzeboo, the name on it, actually just says Silver.

    ketosis, I actually do have a tutorial up in my 'Tutorials' tab, under my header :)

    missjessiiiica, the Mash plates are just another brand of nail plates. They do have some of the same images of the Konad and Bundle Monster though. I got mine on Amazon.com :)

    born2bead, hahaha, well YAY, I'm glad to help :)

    dbelsky2280, you're so welcome! I hope you like them :)

    Diava, well it is all your fault, lol. Thank you so much for following :)

  25. it looks amazing. I wish I could have so perfect nails too, but I don't! :(

  26. Awww, thanks. You def could. Mine used to be horrible!! Biotin as been my BFF

  27. biotin? I'll have to try this! thanks :)

  28. I'm really enjoying your photos and ideas! Very well exectuted!
    This dotted pattern is on my to-try list especially after your post... I like the dots a LOT.


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