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Monday, April 11, 2011

Color Club Alias with some holo

Morning everyone!! I hope to announce and contact the first winner tomorrow morning :) They will have 24 hours to respond. If by chance they do not get back to me, I will pick another winner to pick the first set of polishes.

On to the mani....I picked up the Color Club Alter Ego collection while at my Ross about 2 weeks ago. All the colors are so pretty, well...in the bottle, lol, I haven't tried them all yet. My first one I chose to wear was Alias. This was 3 coats, and after I took my pictures, I sat my butt on my couch and noticed GREEN in the polish, lol. So I took a few "couch" pics, so you all could see it too :)

in this pic you can kind of see some of the pink shimmer in it

here are the couch pics that show the green! I LOVE it!!

and just for some extra sparkle, because it's so cloudy and depressing out, I added Nicole Make A Comet-Ment. This holo top coat is great, because you don't have to be in the sun to appreciate it :) 


  1. this is a great mani :) It was cloudy here, in Norway, too, but today the sun finaly came out ;)

  2. oOo the color club color looks good... >.< at the ross in my neighborhood the color club collections are always missing one or two colors (someone stole them) Im still on the search for their Wicked Sweet collection...

  3. Oh wow, Very nice! .. I'm definitely hitting up my local Ross!

  4. Wow, that's pretty! It's got so many colours ^^

  5. Great! I love the green glow and with the holo topcoat it looks even more gorgeous.

  6. OMG, Very stunning!!! Btw, I was your 2500 follower :)

  7. Alias is gorgeous! I've been hoping to find this at Ross, but no luck yet.

  8. our very beautiful I loved this glaze!

  9. I normally don't like Nicole because of the bottle and brush but I need Make A Comet-Ment. LOL!

  10. The polish alone was amazing! All those shades together look just great :)

  11. I've never checked Ross for polish. I'm actually going there Wednesday so I will then. Very pretty!

  12. this whole collection is a win for me, I couldn't stop staring at them!

  13. Very pretty! :) You always make any color look amazing!

  14. LOVE the adding of holo goodness!

  15. Gorgeous colour on its own and so jazzy with the holo! =)

  16. Thanks you guys, I cannot wait to try the rest :)

    Suiling Kwong, That is so annoying!! What is wrong with people?

    For Me, It Works..., hahaha, yeah I know MANY don't like the 'saggy boob' bottles, lol.

    ~Judy~, oh yay, good luck!!

  17. Alias reminds me a bit of Nubar's Peacock Feathers, with its purple and green duochrome. Very pretty mani!

  18. Whoa! I love polishes that have different colors in them. It makes driving a wee bit dangerous...but whatever. XD

  19. Hello!

    So, I just bought SV, But my nails stil dont look as shiny as yours!!!! How do you get them so shiny? do you use the dry fast top coat, or a diffrent version?

  20. You're a bad person. A bad, BAD person! Until a couple of weeks ago, I was content with clear.

    Today, I have this lovely pink holo with half black at an angle (sorry, don't remember what you called it).

    Uh huh, I have now scotch taped my nails. I've two tones. I bought SV and it makes the black so lovely.

    Ignorance is bliss. I used to be very blissful. And now, eh, not so blissful but with beautiful nails! So, even though it's a long shot, I hope to win one of the picks on your drawing.

    Because now I need colors other than pink and clear (and black).

    Because you are evil for this introduction! (hee hee, thank you!)

  21. That purple is beautiful!

  22. I never even new Ross had nail polish. Now I guess I'm going to have to check it out :-)

  23. Thanks you guys!!

    Sarah, Nope, I just use SV :) I do glob it on though, and will sometimes do 2 coats :)

    Kim, HAHAHAHAHAHA, I love it! YAY, though, I'm so glad you're trying polish other than clear :P

    born2bead, yeah, check in the little beauty sections :)

  24. You were right. There they were in the Ross store. I couldn't believe it.

    My Ross store had 2 different sets. One was pastel cream colors like pinks and lavendars which had names on the box. The other set didn't seem to have individual names but wear more jewel toned colors.

    One of them had a base coat which I could've done without but for about $1 a bottle you can't beat the price.

    And then I had to go back to Freddies and buy the Sally Hansen Insta-dris in Pink Blink, Petal Pusher, Lively Lilac, and Night Flight (which I thought was black but is a really dark blue). Since you said they worked good for Konad stamps I thought I'd give them a try.

    Should've bought that Blue-Away. Might look good with Night Flight stamped over it. What do you think?

  25. Oh YAY, I'm glad you found them! I think Night Flight would look GREAT over Blue Away!


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