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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Random life & nails post :)

Hey guys!!! So I know I've been away, but I couldn't help it! I have been having so much fun with my family outside since it's been pretty nice.

Jack, Chloe and I are a family of sudden hobbiest, lol. Is that even a word? I'm too lazy to Google. We all tend to get really into something together for a few months, and I mean REALLY into it, lol.

 About 2 weeks ago, Sears announced they were closing in a local mall, and everything was on sale, and well, I couldn't not check it out. We went looking for a pool/air hockey table, but they didn't have one that we liked, soooooo......we ended up purchasing a Doodle Bug mini bike, which we have renamed The Stinkbug, simply because Doodle Bug does not sound intimidating at all, haha. It is so much fun, and we have all been on it every night. Well, then Chloe had a hard time keeping up with us on the bike, her on her scooter. So the next week, everything at Sears dropped another 10%, so we all went back up, hoping they had another mini bike, so we didn't have to take turns. They did not, but TA DA, they had this adorable pink electric scooter!! Score! So for an early b-day present to Chloe, we got it. As soon as we got home we all ran outside and Jack started teaching her how to ride it. If you're friends with me on Facebook, I posted a short video.

Well, that's where I've been every night. Outside with the neighbors, they went and grabbed a scooter for their son, taking turns on the bike and scooter, and just enjoying some good old family fun. I've missed blogging, but my time away was totally worth it.

I thought I'd share some pics of Jack and I being complete dorks on the bike, and Chloe on her new scooter

(ignore my outfit, I literally had just gotten home from work, lol. The neighbors said all I needed was a 
beret : P )

Also, last night, I decided to try and make these awesome cookies called Unicorn Poop!! Check out the recipe here. Well..... have you guys seen those NAILED IT pics? Here are the ones I'm referring to. They crack me up every time I see them.

and now here is mine, LOL. Jack has renamed them, Melted Crayon Cookies. At least they still tasted good.
Okay, just so I don't end this 100% off topic, lol, here is a quick swatch of Petites Periwinkle, that I did a few months ago. BTW, my nails right now, are in horrible shape. All this outdoor fun, has been rough on them, so I am now back to nursing them daily :)

Hope you all are doing great!!!!!