Polish Friends

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Don't even know what to say here :(

Hey everyone, I know it's been a while, and a lot longer than I even expected. I'm going to try and keep this short for you guys. Basically I hit an all time low in my life. I was diagnosed with depression and severe anxiety years ago. After trying a few different anti-depressant medications, I gave up. I also have pseudocholinestrerase deficiency, which is just a fancy word for the fact that my body is missing an enzyme that everyone else has, so my body doesn't break certain things down properly. So after trying a few different Rx's, and having them ALL make me so sick. I just stopped looking.

Well, I thought for years I had it under control, or maybe just dealing with it better. I'm not even sure what sparked it, but the depression hit me full force a few months ago. I just shut down from everyone. I'm sure it had something to do with just the fact that I had quit a few small and big issues come at me all at once. Now friends around me, didn't see anything, because I can hide it fairly well, especially with a drink, but not around my little girl, don't worry. Jack, was really the only one who knew. He tried so hard for me to get back to happy times, even trying to get me back on here for you guys, because he knew I loved it.

Well as much as I wanted to come back, since I was away for a while, my anxiety about this blog kicked in, SUPER bad. It may sound weird to you, but I actually felt as though I was no longer allowed to post, or even visit my own blog. Then since the anxiety was so bad and made me feel guilty, the depression got worse, and it became a big messy circle, that I couldn't get out of. I even stopped checking my email. That too, caused the circle to continue. 

I understand some of you may be mad, or even have unfollowed, or said some rather unpleasant things about me, and my disappearance. That is completely fine, and I don't judge at all. Everyone has the right to think what they want. I do apologize, and just hope you guys can understand even a little.

Now, am I back to normal, no, not at all, but I'm trying. Jack wants me to go see a different doctor, and start trying again, buuuuut my anxiety is so bad that I am even having a hard time just making the initial call. It's so frustrating :(

All I ask, is that you guys don't hate me, at least not forever. It is hard to understand and even explain. When I type this out, it sounds crazy, but it's exactly what I'm going through. If you guys could feel my heart right now, even as I type this out, and think about hitting send, you would think I had about 10 energy drinks 0_o

Not so short huh...... anyways, I will be back, but it might not be for another 2 weeks. Again, I am very sorry if I angered any of you, or let you guys down, I really didn't mean too, but can understand how some may think that.

Hope you guys are having a great day.

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Summer Chic mani

Hey guys! Today I wanted to show you yet another funky french, lol. The oh so sweet Kim from Color Club sent me a bunch of fun new nail art items to try, and this was one of them. Now, I love these little things, but really only like to use them on my accent finger when I do funky french manis. They are so cute, but too many, IMO, can be overkill. So I went for what I am calling, a Summer Chic mani :) The little orange slices are just adorable!!!

I also love the fact that these are so thin. I've used others that were on the thicker side, and were just too big and bulky.

I started with my go to base of Professional 10 #415 Pinky Promise. I get mine from CVS. Then after a coat of SV and about 10 minutes, and taped my nails off, and did black tips. I hen did one more coat of SV, and when it was dry, and added a tiny drop of nail glue on my ring finger, and set the orange slice over top.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Happy Pink Wednesday!

*waves* Hi everyone!! I have been on a funky french kick lately :) I have also been trying to use polishes from my stash that don't normally get used. OPI Panda-monium Pink was the star for this mani.

I started with 2 coats

then, of course I ran out of sunlight time, by the time I got this completed :) Oh well. I then stamped my nails using the Bundle Monster plate BM 221 , and Konad's special white polish. I added a coat of SV, and when that was 98% dry, I taped my tips off, and used OPI Alpine Snow Matte.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Day O' Dogs

My little girl turned 9, and it scares me, lol. They really do grow up so fast, I've learned that it's not just a saying. Her birthday party was a dog theme and my nails went right along with it :) Here are the cupcake cones I made that we decorated like dalmations. How freaking cute right?!?!

And here are the pups. My little girl is in the pink camo. Jack did some of the face painting, and you should have seen the girls faces when I told them he was helping, they were so scared, lol

And now for the mani. I started with 2 coats of OPI Alpine Snow Matte, and then just used a black nail art pen for the spots. This was a huge hit with the girls, so the next morning.....guess what I was doing? Yep, dog manis for the girls :)

Saturday, June 25, 2011

How about some lemonade :)

Okay, so this mani was originally planned to be way more fun, but time ran out :( I had planned on adding some nail stamping, and even some rhinestones, but as soon as I was done taking pictures, my daughter saw I was about to take a breath, and intervened, lol so my 'me' time went all down hill from there, lol. I do love this color for Summer though and so did her school friends :) This is just 2 coats of Orly Lemonade, and it applied beautifuly.

Friday, June 24, 2011

My comfort zone = black tips :)

Morning everyone!! I was in the mood for a semi basic black tip french mani, but wanted to add a tad umph to it, so on my out the door I grabbed one of my fave things, my Big Ruby nail tattoos. I started with a base of OPI Bubble Bath, because in my rush, I couldn't locate my regular go to base. OMG, on a side note, you would all gasp in horror if you saw my stash right now. In all my chaos, it looks as though a bunch of 3 year olds have been playing in it *hangs head* I do plan on getting it cleaned up, once all the birthdays have ended. Well, more organized, and hopefully start pulling some things for my first blog sale :) Okay, so anyways, back to the mani.

Here is 2 coats of Bubble Bath

I then taped off the tips, and used Wet n' Wild black. Since I'm wearing a coral shirt, I decided to use the coral seahorse, from the Sea collection of the tattoos. I love the way it turned out. So simple, yet so me :)

Oh and since it was my boss's b-day, I picked him up some balloons and goodies from the bakery, and saw this pretty little arrangement that I HAD to buy for myself, lol. It def cheered me up :) PS - I will be removing that IMO, awful bow when I get home :P

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Please life......just settle down a smidge!!

Morning!!! A few birthday parties planned and the flu later, I'm just exhausted. I'm now in the process of planning my girls 9th birthday, and my husbands. Darn all these Summer babies, lol, me included. Summers are just insane lol. I really hope you guys are all doing well :) I have so many manis to show you guys. So I'm going to show you one that my husband chose for me one day that I was just to tired to choose. It's Rimmel's Violet Metal.

I just did 2 coats and forgot how insanely pretty it is on. Can you believe I did black tips on this as well, but forgot to get pics!!! I'm so sorry.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Some new Love & Beauty polishes

Hey everyone :) today I'm showing you one of the four new polishes that I purchased from Forever 21. I'm always checking their site for new polishes, since they are constantly addition g new ones. Well, they had some cool looking new big glitter ones, and this one, it's says it's name is Multi, but I swear on the site it was called, Mardi GRAS, caught my eye first. I loved the color combo. So of course I layered it over black :)

Here are all the ones I got. I'll show you the other 3 soon, I promise

These two have gold shimmer in them!!!!!!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Color Club 2011 Fractured Collection and my NOTD for Pink Wednesday!

Hey everyone!!! This past Friday I was THRILLED to come home to a package from Color Club, containing 3 of their crackles from their 2011 Fractured Collection. I love surprises :) Kim & Beth sent me these 3 to try out, review and so I could show you guys! As we all know, crackle polish is HUGE right now, and I do also know that not everyone loves it, but I do, so I couldn't wait to play. I will say that silver crackle is a HUGE yay for me. Anyways, I'll get to the pretties.

Here are the 3 they sent me,
Clean Break, Broken Tokens & Smash Hit


I wanted to choose a color to use as a base for all 3 that would stand out, so I went looking for a red, and chose China Glaze Ruby Deer.



I then waited for that to dry completely, and did a fairly thin coat
of Broken Tokens. For larger cracks, just do a thicker layer, and for smaller, do a thinner layer.


I then re-did the red and used Smash Hit

and here is Clean Break


I then loved the silver shatter, Broken Tokens so much, that I chose it for my ALMOST pink mani, lol. So I started with 2 coats of Color Club Ms.Socialite


and then added Broken Tokens on top. Sooooo sparkly :) I got so many compliments through out the day, from strangers, on this mani :)

I have to say, I might actually prefer the Color Club formulas, to the rest so far. It wasn't as thick, and IMO, much easier to use/control. There are 3 more in this collection, a fuchsia, blue and gold. I'm excited to see the blue, and what shade it is!