Polish Friends

Tips, Tricks & Myths

These are all my own opinions, and experiences. Feel free to ignore or disagree with any or all :)

Can't get your polish lid off?
 - Wrap a rubber band around the top, and then gripping the rubber band, twist it off.
 - Run the lid under hot water

Polish thick & goopy?
 - DO NOT THROW AWAY, polish never goes bad, just add some nail polish thinner to it, or send it to me (hee hee). I hear and see sooooo many people making comments about my stash, and how much of a waste of money it is, since they go bad. NEWS FLASH...they don't! So HA HA HA. I call it a great lifetime investment, and art. Also NO NOT add polish remover to thin any polish. This will actually ruin it! I know many nail salons add remover to theirs, but DO NOT DO THIS!

Polish to thin/watery?
 - If you need to thicken a polish up, just leave the lid off of it for 10-15 minutes, check it, and repeat if needed, until you get the desired consistency.

Removing glitter a BIATCH?
 - Use the Foil Method. Soak 10 cotton balls/pads in 100% pure acetone, and place them onto your nails, making sure to cover the entire nail. Then cut strips of foil, and wrap your cotton covered nail in foil. The foil prevents the acetone from evaporating. Wait about 6-8 minutes, and while applying a little pressure on your nail, drag the pad and foil off. TA DA, all the glitter has been removed in one easy swipe. No more scrubbing like crazy.

Refrigerating polish
 - This is NOT necessary. It does not keep the polish fresher!

Letting your nails breathe
 - This always makes me laugh. In short....your nails are already dead, and in no way need to breathe. Actually keeping them polished is helping them, by keeping in your natural oils.

Just did your mani, and accidentally smudge it?
 - Lick it, lol. No seriously, if I smudge a nail, I either lightly lick my nail, and with another finger, LIGHTLY glide over the smudge till it smooths out, or you can even lick your finger and do the same. Then just re-apply your top coat.

Break a nail & refuse to trim your others down?
 - Glue a fake on, hell I did, and no one even knew :)

Spill polish on your carpet?
 - Use Windex.

Polish become separated in the bottle?
 - If you plan on using it right away, DO NOT shake it. This will cause bubbles. Instead, roll between your palms for a minute or two. It's okay to shake, if you don't plan on using that polish for at least 10 minutes.

Using a Neon?
 - Start with either a white or silver base before you apply the neon polish. Neons are known for being very sheer and streaky. With a base, you will no longer need to do 4-5 coats to achieve the bottle color.

Matte/Holo polish chip to soon?
 - Do what is known as sandwiching your mani. Apply your base coat, then 1-2 coats of your matte or holo polish, then a top coat, then 1 more coat of the matte or holo :)