Polish Friends

Nail Care

To start off just a reminder that I am in no way a professional, and the items I use, might not work for you. Everyone is different, so please take this into consideration, when I give advice or my input, and it does not give you the desired results.

I decided to take a group shot of all my basics:

The Purple Block: This I use to either buff out any stains or peelies that I get. It has 2 very rough sides, 1 semi rough side, and 1 side that I'm not sure is for anything, lol, again, no pro here. I use the semi rough side, and if I get stains from a polish, since I am sooo bad at wearing a base, or if I see a tiny peely forming, I lightly buff them out. My nails are fairly thick and strong so buffing does not do too much damage to them.

Clippers: Any pair of clippers that I own MUST have that little scraper thingy that swings out. I use this like crazy. It fits perfectly under my nail to clean that area out. Now I also use them to clip my nails. I know...I know....many will say that is is very bad, and causes peeling, but once again, I'm too lazy to sit there and file them down.

Sally Hansen Cuticle Oil Tube: This is the green tube in the center. I keep this at my desk at work, and about 3-4 times a day apply it like a mad woman. It's Green Tea + Soy Cuticle Oil that I just picked up at Rite Aid. Also, every time I apply it, I am vigorously pushing my cuticles back. Even if I don't need to, lol.

Glass File: As  some of you may know, I only use a glass file. This type of file, will not assist in any peelies happening, unlike a regular metal, or emery board. I grabbed this one at Bed Bath & Beyond, and just love it. Tip: If you're having trouble getting an even/straight finish from filing, try to file while you have polish on.

Haken Cuticle Oil: This girl, is my current obsession. I walked into Sally's one day and saw a ton of these in many scents, on clearance for $1.99, and then an additional 50% off. How could I resist. I had never heard of the brand before, but after smelling them, I grabbed about 10, lol. I have Green Apple, Mango, Fruity something, Tropical Blend, and I'm sure a few others. I keep one in my purse, and the rest at home.

Top Coat (not pictured): My all time fave go to top coat is SV, Seche Vite. Just remember that when using this it MUST be applied to wet polish, or it will not work properly. This stuff dries insanely fast and shiny. I do know others that say it makes their polish peel off, or shrinkage happens, but since I am not trying to make my mani last forever, i'm not too worried. If you're looking for another great top coat, I would recomend Poshe.

Base Coat (not pictured): I actually just recently got into earing one, and I use Gelous. I get it at Sally's. It can also used on top of a glitter mani, to help smoothe it out.

Biotin (not pictured): Biotin is a vitamin that I actually started taking for my hair. I had cut my hair short, and hated it so I googled vitamins that would help speed up the process. While looking into it, I also read that it is great for nail growth too, and immediately ordered it. Now, please keep in mind, it does make both your nails and hair grow super fast, ALL HAIR *wink wink* if you know what I mean :P It takes a few weeks for it to kick in and for you to see results. I am currently taking 1 pill a day, 5000mcg. WARNING: Many men/woman have tried Biotin, and although it works, it causes them to break out, so please just like every other medicine out there, do your research before you try it.