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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Some swatches of the new Sally Hansen Xtreme wear polishes...

This past weekend, I went to Ulta, and I can honestly say it wasn't my idea, it was my daughters, lol. I will be honest though, I didn't put up any kind of fight. Well while I was there, lo and behold, there were the new Sally Hansen Xtremes! Mystic Lilac, along with her friends, came home with me. Now, don't get me wrong, I love both Mystic & Purple Gala, but not so much the others. I should have known I wouldn't like them because they contain string glitter, which I have never been a fan of, but the semi holo attracted me. Well here they are, I didn't get them all.

Purple Gala

Cosmic Blue

Mystic Lilac

Purple Fiesta

Cherry Punch

2010 China Glaze Awakening Swatches.........

So I was SOOOOO excited to get home today because I had an order waiting for me!!
The main item, is the 2010 China Glaze Awakening collection for Halloween. This collection is AMAZING, the glitter is so pretty!
These swatches are all 2 coats w/ 1 coat of SV.

The 1st one is Mummy May I. Its a Black Jelly base with medium sized bright purple glitter!
Then there is Zombie Zest. This appears to be an olive green base with lime green/yellow glitter.
Ick-A-Bod-Y is the most Halloween looking polish IMO. It too is a black jelly base with medium sized orange glitter!

My favorite manis from the past. I'm playing catch-up!

Okay so I wanted to share a few of my past nail designs. So here they are. Please feel free to ask about any one of them. There are a lot I know, but I have been a member of MUA for a while now, and took pictures for my NOTD on there, so now I am playing catch up for you guys. Starting from now, I will be posting my daily manis, designs & step by steps on how I do them.