Polish Friends


I have decided to add a FAQ page, and hope it will help you all out. If you're looking for something I didn't answer, please feel free to contact me @ kansasgirl24@comcast.net, and I will be sure to get back to you as soon as I can.
Thank you to everyone who is a "Friend", follower, just kind of bothers, me, lol.

Why do you prefer Scotch tape instead of Painters tape?
 - I prefer Scotch since it is clear. This way I am able to make sure my edges are down 100% and no leaking of polish will occur. I am very anal about perfect lines.

What is your favorite brand/type of tape to use?
 - My fave at this moment is Scotch Brand, Gift Wrap, Satin Finish :P

How do you use tape without it damaging your base polish?
 - The key to using Scotch tape, is a couple of things.
    1.) Make sure you remove most of the stickiness from the tape before you place it on your nail, by sticking it to your palm a few times.
    2.) I have discovered that if I try to use tape on a completely dry mani, for some reason the tape tears when I'm removing it. So in this case, if you want to update a few day old mani,  add a coat of SV, Seche Vite, or your fave fast drying top coat, and wait till it's about 98% dry
  3.) Only do 1 nail at a time, and remove the tape ASAP after you have polished over it. If the polish dries at all, it will pull up with the tape upon removal.

*You can also see a photo tutorial, describing step-by-step on how I do my designs using tape  here*

Why don't you just use a striping brush for designs instead of tape?
 - Once again, it all comes down to my preference, and the fact that I'm soooo anal, about my lines being perfect. My hand also tends to spazz out, like it's being electrocuted, once a nail striper comes into contact with it :)

What Clean-up method do you use?
 - I actually don't do any kind of clean-up. Since I've been painting my nails and using tape for over 15 years, the practice has paid off. So trust me when others say practice makes perfect, cause it really does.

How long have you been doing your own nails?
 - I've been doing my own nails and even using tape since I was 14, and as I write this, I'm 29!!!! I've always been cheap, lol.

Are those your real nails?
 - Yep, 100% all mine!! Once in a while, like you may have seen in a previous post, I will have a nail break, and put a fake one on, just so I'm still able to take good pics for you all, and I don't have to file the rest down.

What top coat & base coat do you use?
 - My all time favorite top coat is Seche Vite. I will refer to it in my post as SV. This stuff is truly AMAZING. It dries super fast, and gives any mani a glass like appearance. As for a base coat.......I don't ever use one, eeeek.

Why don't you use a base coat?
 - I guess my only answer to this, is because I'm never trying to keep a mani on longer than a few hours, so why even use one, haha. I guess I could for staining, but I've only had that issue with Zoya Charla, and all her many dupes :P

How often do you change your mani?
 - Okay, no don't laugh, or think I'm crazy, lol. I change about 3-4 times a day!!!! No joke. I get bored very easily, and have come to the conclusion I have some sort of mani OCD, that I've come to terms with and accept, lol.

Do you use any kind of lotion, cuticle oil or anything else on your hands/nails?
  - I actually don't use lotion at all, and up until about a month ago, I would only use cuticle oil, once every few weeks. I have recently started using this cuticle oil, that I picked up at Sally's Beauty, called Haken. I just love this stuff, and the smell is awesome, it's mango. So now, I apply it about 3-4 times a day, lol.

How do you keep your cuticles looking so nice?
 - I get this question a lot. I have to admit I'm very lucky in that area. I've never had bad cuticles. Now I don't know if it's due to the fact that EVERY time I apply my cuticle oil, I always push them back. I will even push them back, if nothing is there, I guess I feel I still need to.

What type of file do you use?
 - I use a glass file that I bought at Bed Bath & Beyond, but any glass file will do. You should always use a glass file, because it is much better for you nails, and will help with those that have peelies.

Why have you started watermarking your photos?
 - Now, as much as I NEVER wanted to have to do this, I do now. Watermarks in general annoy me, and take extra time to do. I know I'm not alone though, and I've experienced my photos being stolen, and used with no credit given.

Can I link your blog/pictures on my blog?
 - Of course, I never mind when other bloggers use my pictures, or ideas, as long as you link me in the post.

How many polishes do you own?
 - I'm not sure at this point, I'm guessing around 550-600. **UPDATED** Well yesterday 03/13/11, my daughter counted and I'm now up to 982!!! My collection has gotten a smidge out of control *hangs head*. I now need a 2nd custom nail book case.
What does MUA stand for?
 - MUA stands for makeupalley.com. This is a site I love, and where I started originally posting my manis. There are tons of amazing people on there, who are more than willing to help out with any nail question you could have. The ladies on there, are the ones who encouraged me to start my own blog, and I'm so glad they did. Now MUA has quit a few boards, ie. Nail Board, Make-up Board, Family Board, and  few others. The Nail Board, is really the only one I frequent.

Do you do video tutorials?
 - Not at this point. I would like to, but I'm sort of a video phobe, lol. Plus, I'm also a tad scared of the mean things people say on YouTube, lol. Maybe one day though.

How often do you update your blog?
 - I try to have a post scheduled every morning at 6am, eastern time. Sometimes I will post something later in the afternoon, but I do try to post at least once a day. This way you all have something new to see everyday.

How long does it take you to complete a mani?
 - If I'm just doing a regular 1 color mani, it takes me about 5 minutes. Now, if I'm doing a color then Konad, it takes about 20 minutes. For a fairly complex tape mani, ie. Checkered, Gradient or Patchwork, it takes about an hour. I really don't like to spend a lot of time on a mani, and for any funky french, I spend about 20-25 minutes.

What is the best way to remove glitter?
 - If you're not into scrubbing, like none of us are, lol, try out the 'Foil Method'. This works like magic. All you need is 10 cotton balls, 100% pure acetone, and 10 pieces of foil. You take 1 cotton ball, soak it in the pure acetone, wrap it around the nail, and cover your finger, and entire cotton ball with foil. Do this to all fingers that have glitter on them. Then wait about 5 minutes, and with minimal pressure on the nail, pull the foil and cotton ball off together. This will remove ALL the glitter from your nail at once! The foil is used because 100% pure acetone evaporates very quickly, and the foil stops this. Now remember that 100% acetone is drying, so just use some oil, loition, or whatever you would like, when you are finished.

What type of camera do you use?
 - I actaully don't use anything fancy, it's a pink Sony Cybershot DSC-W120, but I love it. I bought a newer Cannon, since mine was on it's death bed, but just wasn't impressed with it, so I marched my butt over to eBay and got another Sony, used, so it wasn't too much money :)

How do you polish your nails without getting the polish onto the sides and cuticles?
- Well let me start out by admitting that I SUCK at explaining things like this, but I will try, lol, don't hate me. The main thing is, it really is just practice. I take a big blob on my brush and place it in the center of my nail, kind of towards my cuticle. Then I push the blob back with my brush getting it as close to the cuticle as I can, then drag it forward. I then place another blob, in the same spot just towards the side more, and as I'm dragging it towards my tip, I'm putting some pressure on the side of the brush, so polish is pushed out to the side. See, I told you I suck, but I hope that made some kind of sense, lol

What polishes can be used for Konading?
 - Many can be, you don't have to spend the money for the specialty polishes. In fact I only own a black and a white Konad polish, that I had bought in the beginning. I will say though, the black and white are proabably the best for Konading. I haven't found better ones yet. As for other colors, I use Sally Hansen Insta-Dri's, Sally Hansen Chrome Pens, any chrome/metallic polish, holos, as long as they are used on a very dark base. As long as a polish is a 1 coater, it will work.

Do you just sit around and do your nails all day?
 - Now this wasn't really asked by anyone, but I do read other boards, and see people talking about my blog, good and bad. I love to see how others view me and my hobby. Anyways, nope, not at all. I'm a mother, a wife, have 2 dogs, my own house and have a full time job, so I have plenty of things in my life other than polish. It takes me no time to do a regular mani, just give SV a try, and you'll see, it's a lifesaver. I have just learned to make time for my hobby. Like when my girl goes to bed, on my lunch hour, etc. etc.