Polish Friends

Thursday, September 16, 2010

2010 New L'OREAL swatches

So yesterday during my lunch break I decided to head to Bed Bath & Beyond to check and see if they had any new polishes in stock. Well to my surprise they did!! There was a new L'Oreal display, and I am so sorry, but I don't remember the collection name :( I picked of 2, and they are beautiful. I must say, thank you L'Oreal, for finally adding some fun colors! They both had amazing application, and were both only 1 coat!!! Doesn't get much better thank that.

Here are bottle pics.

Luminescence is a beautiful deep purple with hidden shimmer that shows up best in the sun. Sadly I wasn't in the sun, so I was forced to tilt my fingers, to show you the best I could.

Femme Noir is a perfect Fall color. It too has shimmer in it, best seen in the sun.


  1. Those are awesome!! Hopefully they show up at Walgreens :)

  2. Jumping up and down I found the last ones at Ulta :)

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