Polish Friends

Thursday, September 23, 2010

My first Frankening Attempt....

So last night I attempted to franken for my very first time!!! I had alot of fun doing it, and even my hubby loved the results.

This is actually the 2nd franken I made, and my fave!
Here is what I used. Well the 2 on the left didn't get added till later, but you will see...

Before the teal & gold glitters.

With the glitters added

Here is my 1st franken. I fogot to take a pic of what I used, this is a mixture of a blue & pink medium sized glitters from Funky Fingers, with WnW Black & some of the bad batch of ChG BFF. In this pic you can kind of see the holo from BFF

Here you can see more of the actual glitter

I can't wait to try this last one in the sun, and maybe I will like it better. This was a lot of fun though, and I can't wait to do more.


  1. Thanks!! They are both growing on me, lol

  2. I love the teal franken. Like, I would buy that, love it!

  3. i love love love love the last one. !


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