Polish Friends

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Purple Funky French Mani :)

This is a mani from.....this week too, I know, I know, I'm kind of behind, but I'm playing catch-up now. I was feeling pretty creative, and if you know my style...it's funky french's. They will always have my heart. I wanted something purple to match my work outfit, and this is how the story goes.......

I started off with Forever 21's Love & Beauty polish in Lavender (really creative names F21)
Then of course, that was too boring for me, So I used OPI's Lincoln Park After Dark Matte for some fun tips.
But...that just wanted enough. So I added ChG (China Glaze) C-C-Courage to it....and this is my result. I LOVE it!


  1. This is my first time on your website (my friend told me about it) and I just have to say you have a great style when it comes to nails. I love this french because it's different, and the matte actually complements it really well :)


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