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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

My new NYX pretties!!

So my order from Cherry Culter came tonight, YAY, and here is all what came. My daughter insisted on being in the pic, lol

First is Collection Noir.It's a very deep green and gold shimmer

Deep Ocean. It does look very similar to Collection Noir, in the pics, but they are different, trust me, please. This is a very deep plum and gold shimmer.

Chocolate Taupe, love this!

Mushroom GlitterMight be best layered, for this was 3 layers. Plus my application was rushed.

Purple Ave.
So when I posted these flakie pictures last night on MUA, I was told that these look SOOO much better than they did before. Apparantly there seems to have been a change in them. I do love these though, and I'm glad that they did re-do them.

Here is the 2nd 1 I got, Blue Ave.

Sparkling Fire over black. This is a very sparkly red!

Thanks for looking everyone, I will be posting more this afternoon, I'm a little behind again, lol.


  1. It was you! I saw these when you posted them on MUA, the day before I was scheduled to meet up with another MUAer to haul in downtown LA. God bless ya! I added a few of these NYX polishes (and quite a few others from the brand) to my stash!

  2. Haha, that is really cool you got to meet up with a MUAer, I would love to do that! Glad these swatches helped :P


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