Polish Friends

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

My new pretties have arrived.....Sally Hansen Nail Prisms!! Part 1..

So thanks to a girl on MUA, I am now the proud owner of these beauties. She posted some amazing nail spam, and Garnet Lapis was in there. I knew from there I would hunt her down, and make her mine. Lucky for me I captured some of her friends along the way, hee hee hee.

Here she is the Grand Ol' Queen (trumpets playing) Garnet Lapis!!!!!! So many amazing sides to her!
(just so you know, I imagine cheering in the background) lol.

Just so you guys know, these are all 1 coat over 1 coat Sinful's Black on Black.

And her friend.....Amber Ruby!!!

This is obviously Garnet's sister, Turquoise Opal!! The only difference between her and Garnet, is she has a turq. flash unlike her sister who has a straight blue flash.

Now off to start Part 2!


  1. Awesome! These are so cool!

    I've got Golden Tourmaline, Golden Lavander and Rainbow Presents.
    I love these polishes!
    Your photos are awesome!

  2. Thanks, I have def fell in love (sigh). I need more! haha

  3. oh...oh my. Want. (18 months late, I know!)

  4. I bought Garnet Lapis many years ago along with Ruby Sapphire which is equally amazing. Back then I never layered them so I didn't know the amazingness (is that a word?) they would have. I mean they are gorgeous alone but layered....whoa!!! Since then I have purchased several others on Ebay...and it is costing me a small fortune lol.


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