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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Glitter Gal Holos!!

Morning! Today I just wanted to show you some quick swatches of 3 new Glitter Gal polishes that I purchased off of Amazon. I'm a HUGE holo lover, and these are all just amazing! Each of these are 2 coats and no top coat :)

Lizard Belly 3D/Holo  - A VERY dark green holo, although I would just consider it black. I really only saw the green on my first coat.

Green 3D/Holo - Umm......I guess sometimes I would get just the slightest hint of green, but the holo effect is AWESOME

Light As A Feather 3D/Holo - Now this one I did do a base of Sinful Snow on Me white, I was afraid it was going to be too sheer. The holo doesn't pop as much as the others but it's still there and beautiful


  1. These are soooo beautiful! I want them! Thanks for the swatches=)

  2. I totally almost bought Lizard Belly off of Llarowe last night and then last minute changed to another brand/color. I am kicking myself ever so slightly now.

  3. I love these! I don't own any but I definitely want to buy some now !

  4. Love these all! And also so happy you are back! :)

  5. Really liked Light As A Feather.

  6. really pretty! :)

    P.S. I would love if anyone checked out my blog http://nails-masquerade.blogspot.com/

  7. These are so pretty!! I want Light as a Feather badly!!

  8. Wow, I really love the second one. Beautiful!

  9. Lizard Belly was my lemming for a looooooong time but I finally got it! I love holos too! I have many many of them!

  10. Those are amazing! I love those colors! I really like Lizard Belly! I might just have to go pick that up! Thanks so much for your amazing posts!

  11. I have the latter two and now I might just want the Lizard Belly too :P

    I like Light as a Feather for layering. Really cool polish.

  12. Hey Erika, I just wanted to say welcome back. I've been a lurker on your blog for quite some time and I'm glad to see you posting again. Your blog is the one that originally inspired me to start doing nail art and I've been slacking for the past month or so. But seeing you active again has inspired me to start back up. So thanks! <3

    Also, love the holos. I don't actually own any, but I must get some! :)

  13. Love them all - only own Lizard...looking forward to Llarowe to get her re-stocking in. The green is really close to the Nfu-Oh #66 only I think GG is a tish lighter...and wow...I want Light as a Feather big time!

  14. Awesome swatches as always! I highly recommend you check out shop.llarowe.com (and her facebook page llarowe) if you don't already know about it! She has a lot of hard to get holos, plus other cool nail polishes!

  15. theyre all amazing but the black & frosty white are to die for!

  16. Oh wow, I love the black it's so gorgeous! I love how shiny it is! Cant believe it doesn't have a top coat!



  17. Love to see a new post from you in my blogroll. Your nails always inspire me. I really dig the last one. The light color and the bit of "bling" the halo brings is great!!

  18. Τα καλύτερα κορυφαία προιόντα για το μαλλί θα τα βρείτε όλα εδώ!

    Δείτε τα και δεν θα χάσετε!


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