Polish Friends

Sunday, February 13, 2011


If it smells good, I want it!! I saw these re-released scented Revlons at Rite Aid, and for the first time, I decided I needed this one. I own a few, but Not So Blueberry was coming home with me. Let me tell you, this smells A M A Z I N G!!! It smells just like when you tear open a Kool-Aid packet, pre-water. It is very sweet, and the great thing is, even with a coat of SV over it, it still smells!!


  1. I remember having a few scented polishes back in the day (like in the 90s when I used to paint my nails our school colors before my volleyball games, haha). Then they smelled very strongly of nail polish with a hint of the other scent. I'd love to try one of these that REALLY smells good (even though I'm pretty sure I'd spend the day sniffing my nails instead of being productive, haha). I like that color, too, so I'll have to keep my eyes peeled :D.

    Hope you're having a great time on your mini vacation, Erika!

  2. I never had scented polish. I've seen those maybe once in my life (back in the nineties). It seemed more like a weird gimmick...

    Chloe, I tried your scotch tape manicure technique but had some difficulties. Pictures are here (I included a link to your blog, hope that's ok!)

    So I wanted to ask you if it is absolutely necessary to use matte scotch tape? I tried with crystal clear one and it pulled off a tiny bit of the base coat. It was almost completely dry when I applied the tape.
    I fixed it by applying topcoat though.

  3. yummy!!! looks soo pretty =) can't wait 2 try this out!

  4. I have that one and it does smell amazing!

  5. I love how it looks so the scent is a bonus!

  6. Not so blue berry is my favorite from the bunch and it smells sooo good :)

  7. Pretty! Because I am nuts, I have both versions of this & I'm not even sure they're different because I haven't tried either one.

  8. I grabbed this too; when I saw the color I was all WANT WANT WANT and thought it was just a speed dry, since it was on a rack with four rows of speed dry colors, but when I discovered the scent it was just a bonus. I love a chance to indulge my 12 year old self.

  9. I got Grape Icy and Beach. I love the color and scent of Grape Icy but it was so thin...I think I did 4 coats and could have used another.

  10. I was so close to leaving my Rite-Aid with Cotton Candy. I'll have to go back now!

  11. This is such a pretty color! I had no idea! I have walked by this display a few times, but thought that these wouldn't really be that scented. Hmmm...I may need to recheck these! Going through your pictures today has added like 10 more polishes to my list. Uh Oh!! lol :-)
    @Mackenzie...Cotton Candy?! Yummm! I think that needs to be mine! :-)

  12. Really pretty(:
    It's also super awesome that it smells too!! ^_^

  13. I got all the scenteds they had at Walmart. I'm happy to see how pretty this one looks on the nail, because it was easily the first one that caught my eye on the shelf! Can't wait to try it out. :)

  14. my friend had this color and I swatched it on one of my fingers and I couldnt stop smelling it! ;) I tried the beach one and the cherry one too but the Blueberry one won hands down...now if only I can find a store that has them... >.<

  15. Wow I just got this polish a couple weeks ago , So glad I did too. Thanks for sharing :)

  16. Wow. That's amazing! Does anyone know how long the scent lasts?

  17. Thanks everyone! The vacay was AMAZING!

    naekubi, I think it looks good! No it's not necessary, It's just what works the best for me. I found that putting a quick dry top coat down before taping helps tons!!!

    Karen, HAHA, I do this too, I just can't help it. Why release it two times? My brain insist that something must be a smidge different, lol.

    Fran, I wish I could answer this better, but my manis only stay on for a few hours, lol.

  18. How pretty! And it's scented? : D Huzzah! Not only will I be staring at my nails, but I'll be smelling them too. XD

  19. Cammy, I know, it's a very strong scent too!!

  20. oh my gosh.. only bought this today!!! so funny ... I have been reading your blog backwards and as soon as I saw this post, ran off to check my bags and I had bought the exact same one.. out of all the 40 odd colours, this one just lured me in..

    ps - I am really enjoying your creativity.. thanks so much for the inspiration.. I have been pinning like a mad women..
    cheers, ALexis


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