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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

More Crackle fun!

The other night I played a little more with my crackles. Man, I just love this stuff, lol. I also want to apologize for my late responses to comments and emails. I have just been so crazy with work lately. I am getting to them though. At least I have post for you guys, right? lol.  Okay back to the fun. For this I started with L.A. Girls Hot Pink Matte.

Then I used Cracked Concrete again over top.

with a coat of SV on top

Then for fun I added China Glaze Crackle Lighting Bolt over top. 

now with SV on top


  1. china glaze crackles are awesome :-)

  2. I love these too! I just wish there were more colors. Lol! Love your combos :)

    For some reason Fault line (purple) doesn't crack the same as the rest of them. How is fault line working for you?

  3. layering the crackles is an awesome idea!!

  4. it looks to me that the crackles from OPI give different effect than by China Glaze....do you agree?

  5. Thanks you guys!

    Rhonda, I actually haven't tried the purple one yet, I'm kind of scared since I have heard so many had issues. Maybe I'll give it a go tonight :)

    Viki, I can't really say, I guess I need to swatch them side by side. The only real difference I can say, is OPI Shatter does seem to be more of a Shatter effect instead of Crackle ;)

  6. It's so weird, I have on the same nano today, minus the white. It looks nice to me with the pink and gray. Oh, I used the purple one, fault line, last night over a light lavender and it was AMAZING!!! it is a little different from the gray one, but it came out great for me!

  7. Thanks you guys!

    Kate, I get mine off of Forever 21's site.

    Megan, YAY for mani twins!!!

  8. Is it weird that I want your Crackle design on my school binders...?


    It just looks sooooooo cool! : D

  9. Cammy, hahaha, no that's not weird at all. I loved the effect of the 2 crackles layered :)

  10. Wow, nice effect, layering the two crackle polishes. You chose a nice color scheme for it. Not sure that would've looked as nice with different colors.

  11. Love this! I got my Crackles yesterday and tonight I did First Mate w/ Hey Sailor accent thumbs and topped it all off with Cracked Concrete. I can't believe how much fun this stuff is and it's only my first crackle mani. Thanks for helping us keep the addiction alive :)

  12. Such a good idea! Looks really good :)


  13. Thanks you guys!!! I am having too much fun with these, lol

  14. They all look so much better with the top coat on :)

  15. Toks, haha, yeah I actually prefer them without ;P

  16. What is the SV you mention for the final clear coat? Love this look!!!

  17. Sv is Seche Vite, it's a super fast drying and super shiny top coat :)

  18. Chloe-
    I adore your blog.. you inspire me to be creative with my nails.. I even started sharing my nail art and reviews on polishes on my blog. I'd love for you to check it out, I've subscriebd to yours and look at it daily :) feel free to subscribe to mine :)
    and again your blog is awesome!
    ~ L.Jay


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