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Thursday, February 24, 2011

My New Barry M's with...yep more Crackle!!

So I received some Barry M polishes in my swap, and I have never used this brand before so I was so excited! I wish these were available in the US, but thanks to a new friend, Suzanne, I have my first 3! The third is the Barry M crackle, and I will be playing with that later on in the week. For this I started with Barry M, Cyan Blue. The formula on this was perfect!

Then I added Barry M, Silver Sea. I love this, it is very sheer, but has such pretty silver glitter bits in it!!

then because I just wanted to play, I added China Glaze Crushed Candy over top, but I didn't add a coat of SV.

Okay I promise to give you all a Crackle break after this, lol. I received my 2nd swap package and it contained some more amazing pretties that I can't wait to share with you all!!


  1. This is so pretty! Barry M have got a crackle polish, hoping they'll do more colours in it soon! :)


  2. I have Cyan Blue aswell, was wearing it all last week and got loads of compliments :) I love what you've done with it! Makes me want to invest in Silver Sea to put over it now heehee!

  3. A lovely blue. Everytime I go into Superdrug, I keep looking at this one, next time I will have to have it:)

  4. oh!!!!
    this is so cute!
    great post!!!
    follow u =)

  5. Ooh loving seeing the pretties, they look so fab on you :) I love the layering combo of cyan blue and silver sea too(which is discontinued but available on eBay ;)) Barry m have the most perfect paradoxal and partuculair (sp)dupes too :)

  6. Nice combination, love the colours!

  7. Thanks girls!!!

    iloveleopardprint, yeah I got that one too, I can't wait to try it out :)

    SuzanneM, it's all thanks to you!!! Oh that's right I did hear that Barry M had a dupe.

  8. I love Barry M nail polish. There are so many colours to choose from and they always apply really well. They're really cheap too!
    Excited to see more crackle polish, I just got mine in the mail yeterday so I'm yet to play around with them!

  9. When you were playing around with your nails did any of your crackles change to the color under them!? My white did that over a neon teal I had on yesterday-- not sure if it was because I didn't put a topcoat over the teal or what..

  10. this colour combination looks amazing ;)

  11. I love blue so this mani is absolutely fantastic! I think it's better without crackle but nice with it too (:

  12. OMG i love it before the crackle, and i usually like crackle manis. Barry M looks awesome!! :o)

  13. I don't mind all the crack! And again such a lovely combination.. you are so great at that!

  14. Thanks you guys!!

    Antoszewskia, that is weird, no mine didn't. Di dyou do a thin coat of the white? That could be it.

  15. Wauw, great combination. Love the collors!

  16. I think this is one of my favorite Crackle manicures. It looks like the ocean! : D

  17. I love Cyan Blue on you as well as Silver Sea, how gorgeous! I wish the crackle had left bigger gaps to let more of that blue show through!

  18. By luck I was able to get 4 of the China Glaze Crackles. I was in Ulta and they were all sold out after just getting a shipment yesterday. I went over to Sally beauty just for a shot and the lady said they just put them out today. I grabbed all but the Black (Because I have the OPI shatter) and the Purple (just didn't see myself using that one). I'm so excited and can't wait to try them!

  19. Thanks you guys!!!

    L, you weren't by chance the girl in line next to me at Sally's in PA, lol. When I was checking out a girl was buying some China Glaze Crackles that were behind the counter :)

  20. i never saw silver sea from barry m on sale :(

  21. I'm a Brand Spanking New blogger/follower - these combos are so pretty! being from the uk we see Barry M all the time (i actually think i own almost all of them now!) and its good to see you did something new and interesting with it! i love that crackle polishes and glitter topcoats can re-ignite excitement for an old polish - im digging my cyan blue out right now!!! i also wanted to let you know that your (utterly fantastic) blog 100% inspired me to create my own - for this i thank you! keep them coming!
    Emily @emilysnailfiles

  22. Emily, Awww thank you soo much!! I'm now following you now :) I wish I had more access to Barry M, the formula is great!!

  23. Haha nope, wasn't me unfortunately (I'm up here in NY lol). This store actually had them out on display next to all the other polishes -not sure why they thought they would last long enough to keep out a full display :)

    And thank you for fueling my new obsession with polish haha.

  24. Okay, haha, I had to ask. As for your new polish obsession, you're most welcome, hee hee

  25. Erika, thanks for becoming a follower! I'm getting there, isn't blogging fun?!?! haaha! Barry M goes on so lovely and smoothly, and the colours always pop! if you ever want any sending over, just let me know, I'm more than happy! i know what its like to NEED a polish that seems worlds away!
    Emily x

  26. Emily, thank you so much!! It really is fun, and a great outlet for me. I really appreciate the offer to help out!

  27. I actually did a mani almost identical to this one on my blog too! That is so funny... proof that great minds think alike! ;o)

  28. I bought my first cracks polish the other day in a shade very similar to this and I put it over my pearly white pedi (revlon pure pearl) and it looked pretty amazing!

  29. PS... I don't know if all crackle polishes work the same but I did notice a thicker layer produced a large crackle pattern and a thin layer made a more fine crackle pattern! I love this stuff now!

  30. Lula, omg, crackles are so much fun!! Yeah, I love the fact that you can manipulate the crack size :P

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