Polish Friends

Friday, February 11, 2011

Purple Reign, and no...no relation to Prince :P

Since I'm now able to see all my polishes, I'm using ones I forgot about completely, and LOVE it. Shopping in my own stash is a smidge cheaper than stores, lol. While I was 'shopping' I saw Pure Ice Purple Reign, and my eyes lit up. I just love this polish, and before my display, it was lost in a drawer. Since all Pure Ice polishes tend to be sheer, I always start with a base. For this I used 2 coats of Orly Purple Velvet, another one from the Vinyl collection, and then 1 coat of Purple Reign, then topped them with SV.

I took these last 2 pics, out of direct light, so you could see the pretty shimmer better.

I also just wanted to let you all know, that as of tonight, I will be leaving for a weekend get-away with the neighbors and hubby. We will be back on Sunday, so I can respond to all your questions/comments then. I will however, have post scheduled for Saturday and Sunday morning for you guys!


  1. Where did you find that Pure Ice polish? It's gorgeous and I need it in my life.

    Have fun!

  2. Iit's amazing! It looks like leather :) Very nice girl!

  3. Awesome purple... I love it!
    Hugs! ;-)

  4. Thanks girls!! I can't wait for this work day to end, so I can take off!!!

    Tracie, the only place I know of that sells Pure Ice is Wal-Mart :)

  5. Have a fab trip away with your Hubby and friends and once again Thankyou for my pretties ;) x

  6. Thanks you two!!!!

    Suzanne, you're are VERY welcome!!!

  7. GORGEOUS. And very similar to the yummy purple goodness I have on, Urban Outfitters Purple 2 with a layer of WnW Wild Shine 'Wild Card' over it.

  8. Ah my favourite things, purple and vinyl finishes. Beautiful! Your nail polish application always looks so flawless, I wish I had your skill.

  9. Very pretty those 2 look great together :)
    Have a great weekend :)

  10. Hello!
    your blog is awsome. I love the colors you use and the nail art. I have a blog too, but it's in portuguese.
    Which top coat u use? the finishing is so good!



  11. Enjoy your weekend ;)

  12. Thanks girls!! I can't wait to leave! 1 more hour of work, an hour and 30 min. drive home, an hour to finish packing, then 2 hours till destination!! Whoo hoo!

    Angela, aww thank you, but trust me, all it takes is time :)

    Amanda, Iwill be sure to check yours out :) I love Google Translate, lol.

  13. Amanda, I am so sorry, I forgot to answer your question. I use SV, Seche Vite top coat :)

  14. ughh , beautiful matte purple ! i would love to have nails like yours ! :D

  15. A deep purple with a golden shimmer? : O

    DO WANT.

    What kind of file do you use? Your nails always look perfect!

  16. oh how pretty is that?? lovely!

  17. Hope you had a nice weekend trip!! :-)
    I love both of these colors! That Orly one is so pretty! I have never seen that before! Is it available in stores still? Like a Sally's maybe?

  18. Thanks you guys!!!

    Cammy, I use a glass file that I bought from Bed Bath & Beyond :)

    Crystal, Thanks so much girlie!! I had a blast! I don't think you can get it instores anymore. I do know I have seen it on eBay :)

  19. I actually have Purple Reign! I don't layer it though. Two coats and it's opaque on me. Purple Reign and Purple Velvet compliment each other beautifully though! :D


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