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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Pink Flowers & Pearls

Well last night, I decided to do a subtle male mani, lol. What I mean, is a mani that won't stand out to much to men, since I have a big dealer meeting this morning, I didn't want to do anything too crazy but still fun.

For this I used, a base of Essie Merino Cool, Pure Ice Busted over top & then did the stamping with Pure Ice Outrageous.

This was my final mani :)

I started with 1 coat of Merino Cool
added 1 coat of Busted

Then stamped with Outrageous

and then, because they were sitting next me, I added some ivory pearls in the center of the flowers, on my ring fingers.



  1. This manicure looks so elegant and feminine.

  2. wow!! look's gorgeous,elegant definetly.

    by the way I ve emailed you to ask some q's but not sure i got the right address.. is the one on the sidebar valid?

  3. Thanks ladies!!

    kaderkismet, yes that's a valid email. I will go check it now :P

  4. aaaw wow! so pretty!! =) i'm especially loving the feminine touch with the cute pearls...simply gorgeous =)

  5. I found your blog the other day and I am in love with it! Serious nail envy I must say!

    Sarah x

  6. i love pure ice polishes:)! this is really cute!

  7. That's so beautiful! Very delicate, detailed and girly but not over the top, definitely :)

  8. This is beyond gorgeous! I seriously was so excited when i saw this manicure on my dash, because i am such a sucker for subtle stamping, it's so elegant and understated! love love love this. definitely adding all three of these polishes to my wishlist! haha

  9. So cute! I'm very into these "subtle" konadicures right now, I just did a whole bunch of them this week! :D

  10. So delicate and perfect looking! Really like your way of posting the pictures and build up of manicures.

  11. I like the combo of Busted and the Essie, very pretty :)

  12. Hi :) I was wondering if you had a Tumblr, because I saw that someone had reblogged your mani today, and it didn't look like your site! They made it seem like they themselves had done the manicure. This is the link:


  13. I absolutely adore this mani! I love your creativity :)

  14. I love your layering combos - you have such a great eye for that! Beautiful!

  15. How feminine and pretty! : D

    You have a real knack for color combinations!

  16. Thats super gorgeous, I love it! I have AB rhinestones I use sometimes on nail art or Konad but I dont own any pearls.. they're so pretty though i think I wanna get some. Where did you get yours?

  17. Fyi, I know you love those Chrome quick color pens.... they're clearancing them out at my local Walmart. I asked the lady about it and she said they're not making them anymore. you may wanna stock up!

  18. Thanks everyone!!!

    Melissa, I don't have a Tumblr, and I appreciate the heads up, I will be checking it out!

    Dori, Thanks! I got them from eBay, from this seller - karlinsu88

    Amber, OMG thank yu for the heads up! Guess I'll be stocking up

  19. Gorgeous! I love all the layers of polish - you are teaching me so much!! I layered Zoya Dove with Not Like The Movies and then Shattered over top - it was gorgeous - I left it on 2 days instead of just one :-) I was proud of myself for not peeling it off haha
    My list is growing daily...I still have resisted konad & 3-D art...but you make it harder and harder to resist with all of these gorgeous gorgeous manis!

  20. It's so funny that that's a 'subtle male mani' for you... if I was a guy, I'd flip out when I saw your nails: I'd be thinking, 'what on earth are those white things on her nails? Are they... are they growths of some description!?' all while pretending to listen to what you're talking about XD

    Regardless, as a female, I love it. The layering is a cool idea, something I need to try!

  21. Thanks you two!

    Crystal, oh trust me, it won't be long till you need to Konad, lol. Once you start, you'll be in trouble!

    Leona, haha, well I mainly meant the colors. I just didn't want to wear a neon, lol.

  22. All of these are great!!
    Can you please show how you did the floral design on the last pics or something like the right hand pic on your blog banner

    Can you specify the brand and color name for the silver glitter polish?

    Appreciate it!! You're like the Nail Queen! I love you!

  23. I think that the Bundle Monster plate design is BM16

  24. This is STUNNING! My favourite of what I've seen!
    For me, the pearls would get in my way... but they are truly gorgeous!

  25. That PURE ice product is awesome. I have been a nail tech for over 20 years and have never seen anything quite like it. It is definitely gorgeous!!!!


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