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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Random Swatch : CQ Golden Green

Okay, guys, I have quit a few random swatches just hanging around as 'Drafts' in my blog 'Posting' section, so maybe every few days, I'll do a Random Swatch post in the afternoon :)

This is from the new collection of CQ polishes that I saw at Rite Aid last week. There were a few pretty ones, but all looked so close to ones I own, except this beauty! She is called Golden Green, and it's the best description of the color.


  1. That shimmer in there is great! Thanks for sharing. :)

  2. Nice! I haven't seen this one at my Rite Aid yet; I'll have to keep an eye out for it.

  3. Wow, this is gorgeous! I have never heard of CQ before, but this one looks like a very close dupe for Guppy #77 :)

  4. Gorgeous, I've never heard of CQ either...

  5. Yay for days with double posts! I know you put a lot of time and effort into your mani's so it's cool that you did this extra swatch post for us. This is such a pretty color for spring, I'm kinda tired of the same old pastels we see each year. This looks like a must have!

  6. Thanks you guys!! It really is a very unique color, to me :)

    evercouldbe, I'll have ot look into that, I've never heard of it :)

    evercouldbe & Cali369, it's a brand that I believe is only sold in Rite Aid drug stores.

    Ella, thank you!!! I"m glad you'll enjoy them, I just have them building up, and I had no idea what to do with them, since they are a mix of brands and colors, lol.

  7. That looks so gorgeous on you! Love olivegreens like these

  8. I love that color! Thanks for swatching it!

  9. That's a really pretty colour, I haven't seen too many like it!

  10. I'll have to look into that, I've never heard of it :)

    I highly recommend this brand. I never heard of it either, until a few months ago when I came across a youtube nail polish haul video. #77 was featured in there and the girl making the video was talking about how amazing it was and where we could buy it ans so on.

    It's an Korean band that is only available on ebay. You get an 18ml bottle for $2.50. And a lot of people have been praising this brand, even compared it to OPI, which are very big shoes to fill! The Guppy brush looks a lot like the pro wide OPI brush, but it's not that wide. The polish has an amazing formula, if you're careful you can get full opacity with only 1 coat! And it stays on for days without chipping.

    Sorry for rambling, but I love this brand so much and I just want to recommend it as much as I can it to anyone that loves nail polish, even just one of them is a must have IMO! :)

    You can Guppy here at ebay:

    The seller(Jolieeeee) is amazing, nice, friendly and ships incredibly fast :)

    Here are some swatches and reviews if you want to take a look:

    And some videos:
    http://www.youtube.com/user/MissChievous#p/search/2/BwaFn209yI8 fast forward to (5.16)

    it's a brand that I believe is only sold in Rite Aid drug stores

    Oh okay! I'm don't live in the US so I don't have access to that store, unfortunately :/ But I see there are some CQ polishes on ebay, I might just have to take a look :D

  11. I know some WalMarts sell CQ, the walmart near me used to but doesn't any longer but i have seen CQ at other WalMarts in other areas.

  12. Thanks you guys!!

    evercouldbe, omgosh, thank you so much, and now thanks to you, I have an order going, lol. I love hearing about new, to me, polish brands, especially ones that have great reviews! Thanks again!

    mysweetie924, oh yeah! Mine used to too, but I haven't checked in a few months, thanks for the reminder :P

  13. Nice color! I might have to drop by Rite Aid and see what they have. I heard there is a huge clearance going on so everything might be gone by now!

  14. and now thanks to you, I have an order going, lol.

    LOL! Sorry? ;P

    I would love to hear what you think when you get them! :D

  15. I don't know!!!!All the colours you swatch i love them all. Super pretty green :)

  16. Ooh! Gorgeous! : D

  17. Now I gotta stop by my Rite Aide! Great color for the summer!

  18. Now there will be a new link on the side for your new Guppy polish! Right in between GOSH and Gradual Manis! haha! I can't wait!

  19. I grabbed this one this weekend too. There was also a cool duochrome in the display!

  20. oooh, so pretty! kind of reminds me of a beetle? lol :D

  21. MPJ(the holo original version) is my fav of all time. You did a beautiful job of capturing it in all it's fabulousity.

  22. beautiful colour! I'm also jealous of your nail shape, haha. :)


  23. are the guppys 3 free? the CG swatch is pretttyyy, does it remind you of st pattys day *grabs aspirin*

  24. Question: is this a dupe for China Glaze Peace on Earth?

  25. Thanks you guys!!

    evercouldbe, haha, well I placed my order this morning, so I will def post swatches when I get them, I can't wait. I grabbed 5 :P

    R- hahahaha, you got that right!! As for it being a dupe, I don't 100% know, since I don't own that one sorry :(

    Jess, oh YAY. Yeah I saw that one, but I feel like I have so many orangy/broze duos in my stash.

    Jenny and Kaylie, Awww, thank you so much!!

    Monkey, ya know, I didn't check about them being 3 fee. Hahaha, actually it did remind me of then! :P