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Monday, April 25, 2011

This glitter is HUNGRY!!

So I wanted to show you another Nubar that I ordered off of eBay a little while ago, called Night Sparkle. I also want to let you all know, I will get to your comments and emails today, I'm hoping. My weekend was sooo crazy, and I had no time to get on my computer. Anyways, okay, I love my Nubar glitters, but this one ate my top coat like it was no ones business!! I will show you exactly what I mean. Okay, this is what the mani looked like right after I applied 2 coats of Night Sparkle, and 2 coats of SV. So pretty :)

Then within 5 minutes, it looked like this :( See the lumps............. This is called a hungry glitter :)

Now, if you're looking for a fix, I was informed that first doing a coat of Gelous, and then your top coat, solves this. I have yet to test this out, but I'm all for trying it, next time I come across a glitter like this.

Also, keep an eye out, because I have another giveaway coming up soon :)


  1. I get that sometimes with some of my polishes as well! It ends up looking like I mashed it up against something when I've been SO careful! I was wondering if my topcoat just sucks (Sally Hansen Double Duty). Maybe it's the polishes I've been using it on. I'll have to keep an eye out.

  2. Oh wow, that's a true topcoat snacker! Some of the CG glitters have that habbit too.. Love the color though!

  3. Awh man, that would drive me crazy. The colour is absolutely beautiful though!


  5. I have a bottle of Night Sparkle, and it took me 7 (yes 7!) coats of top coat to get it smooth enough for my liking. I love the color, but I am so hesitant to use it again because of the number of top coat layers it takes to smooth out. Maybe I will just use it on my toes where I can't easily feel how rough the texture is....

  6. LOL, "hungry glitter"! The color is gorgeous though.

  7. My Milani one coat glitters are like this too. I'd heard that about Gelous, I need to give it a try! It's a gorgeous shade, but that top coat sucking is really daunting.

  8. Thanks!!!!! I love this color, but DANG!! I will def have to try out the Gelous under my SV next time :)

  9. I don't think I've ever actually had this happen to me though I've heard of it. It is truly a gorgeous blue though!

  10. haha Hungry glitter. This is such a pretty blue though!

  11. I wondered why some of my china glaze glitters did that. Thanks for the tip. Are you going to post when you use the gelous if it works?

  12. lovely post!!!!!



  13. Pretty color, but sounds like a PITA to deal with. So I have a question about SV: I did not know that you could use two coats. I thought it had to go over wet polish. Do you put the second coat right on top of the still-wet first one? Also, I did not know that Gelous could be used as a top coat. Or are you talking about a product other than the one with the green cap? (Sorry if that's a ridiculous question. I'm relatively new to the DIY manicure world. I had acrylics for six years.)

  14. awww, it had the munchies! was pretty before that tho

  15. i've heard if you use a '3free' polish you should use a '3free' top coat to fix this. i know on the OPI FB page some ladies were having trouble with the new soft shade color 'i juggle men'. try Poshe top coat!

    hope that helps, i love your blog!!!

  16. oh woow... crazy, but the color is still super pretty!

  17. "Hungry glitter"? That describes it too well. A shame, since it's so pretty! : D

  18. I had this happen with OPI I Juggle Men- I'll have to try with gelous!

  19. Amo seus post, e gosto muito do que você faz com os adesivos, fica muito lindo. Sempre que estou sem idéias venho até seu blog do uma boa olhada e acabo tendo um monte de idéias, parabens.
    Agora esmalte glitter que bebe o top coat já tive varios e é muito chato mesmo, mas fazer o que né?
    Bom passa la no blog, beijos.

    I love your posts, and I love what you do with the stickers, is very beautiful. Whenever I'm out of ideas, come to your blog,a good look and I end up having a lot of ideas, congratulations.
    Now glitter enamel top coat I've had several and it is very annoying, but what do.
    Well passes it on the blog, kisses.


  20. The colour is gorgeus. Luckly that never happen to me

  21. ...but it's so pretty... Sometimes hungry glitter is worth the extra effort.

  22. This is so gorgeous! I definitely want this now.

  23. Ugh, I have some ChG glitters like that. I actually heard that using a 3Free top coat THEN SV helps. I haven't tried it, though. I haven't been doing glitters lately. I've actually worn nothing but RBL polishes all week, haha. I'm going to be spoiled when I go back to polishes that don't cost an arm and a leg :( lol. I don't have Gelous but I keep hearing good things about it.

  24. Sinead, I use two coats of SV all the time. In my experience, when you put SV over another polish, the polish should be wet. But if you put SV over itself, if can be dry. I actually did it last night without problems. Actually I've messed up manis before by putting SV over itself when it was too wet. *shrug* No idea why that's the case, though...

  25. oh i have never seen that happen before! i hope next time you wear it you can fix it :)

    shel xx

  26. Thanks you guys!!!

    Steph, I will def make sure to post when I try it with Gelous, to see if that actually helps it :)

    Silvia, eeeek, I love the bunny, thanks!!!

    Sinead, oh I use 2 coats of SV a lot. As soon as I polish both hands with it, I will go and add my 2nd coat :) As for the Gelous, nope I'm referring to the green cap one. Yeah, I know quit a few that use it as a top coat as well :)

    Danyal, thanks for the tip!

    tata, thank you so much!

    Megan, oh I agree, lol! If it is prety enough, I'll do as many coats as necessary to make it look great :P

    tahillia, thanks for the tip :) RBL's all week??? That brand in my stash needs to grow a tad, lol.

  27. Gorgeous colour, but that problem would drive me nuts!


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