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Thursday, September 16, 2010

2010 Color Club Halloween Collection - Bewitching

Lets start off by saying I LOVE Halloween. It is my favorite holiday. This is my husband and I's first Halloween in our very own home, and we are already buying and planning for the fun. This is the set of minis from Color Club. The Collection is called Bewitching.

First is Bewitching, a classic solid black. This was 2 coats.

Charmed I'm Sure (2 coats)is a beautiful purple, I know it appears blue in some photos, but it really is purple, with teeny tiny hot pink sparkles in it.

Hocus Pocus (2 coats)An AMAZING glitter. Words can't even describe the beauty of this polish! Packed full of every color glitter! This is my favorite from this collection!

Spellbound (2 coats)A VERY bright neon orange, perfect halloween color!


  1. Are these your natural nails? They look so strong and solid. Mine do not grow out this well...they get flimsy and don't retain any uniform shape :(

  2. i love the hocus pocus mani!! i'd love to try it - leigh :)