Polish Friends

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Lazy day for Konading :)

So today a had some extra time, and decided to Konad my mani. I started with Sally Hansens Gray by Gray, using 2 coats.

Then for my Konad, or actually Bundlemonster, I decided to use Claire's 14 Karat polish.

Well long story short, a girl at my local Starbucks, REALLY angered me, and while I was waiting in the drive thru, for 15 minutes, I picked off this pretty mani, that's what happens, when I'm mad, lol. Anyways, tonight I wanted to Konad again, and after a few different ideas, I came up with this. This is 1 coat of Sinful's Black on Black with OPI DS Original for my Konad.

Well hope you all enjoy, I'm off to watch Transformers 2 with the hubby. Night XOXO


  1. I reallllyyyyy love the DS konad- I never would've thought of that so I'm really glad you did haha :) Gorgeous!

  2. speak of the devil ... love that DS!! Love both mani's - the second looks like lace .. very pretty

  3. I LOVE the holo on the black....I'm glad you got mad at Starbucks cuz if you didn't we wouldn't be seeing this gorgeous mani!! lol


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