Polish Friends

Thursday, September 23, 2010

OMG!! Check out all these colors!!!

This seriously might be my fave mani to date! It's SH Prisms, Turquoise Opal
Oh and ignore the nick on my pinky :( Too lazy to fix.

Thanks for looking, hope everyone has a great day/night :P


  1. I love the prisms..glad that I have turquoise opal. Your mani is gorgeous as always :)

    What program do you use to make all your pics the same size?

  2. I wonder if Rainbow Presents is the same as Turquoise Opal?
    I have the former, but not the latter.
    Beautiful funky french! Great photos of all those colors!!!

  3. Thanks rmcandlelight, I usuaully just download my photos, and don't do any editing. On MUA, I just crop photos, but then I just upload into my blog :P

    Paillette, from what I hear they are not the same, I hope to one day get a chance to add Rainbow Presents to my collection.