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Friday, May 6, 2011

2 from the Essie 2011 Summer Collection...

Morning :P While at Rite Aid this week, I saw they had all their Essies, B1G1 50% off, so I HAD to take advantage of it. I also saw they had put out the new 2011 Summer Collection, WHOO HOO. I only picked up two though, the others were pretty, but nothing special, IMO. Now these two.....stuck out right away. They are both 2 coats

Absolutely Shore

This, my fave is Smooth Sailing. I love the purple & teal shimmer in it. You can really see it in the 2nd pic in the bottle. It does show very well on the nail, I just had a hard time capturing it on camera :( Also, BONUS, this could have been a 1 coater if I would have been more careful. I love that


  1. Smooth Sailing is absolutely amazing! I think that might actually be one of my favourite polishes to date :o I HAVE to get my hands on a bottle!

  2. oo smooth sailing reminds me of denim jeans <3 its sure to go with everything.

    Btw, i was wondering if you would trade some polishes (as i know you use mua) for some handmade jewelry? i'm a jewelry maker but im in the uk and i cant get many good polish where i am, so this way i get a chance of getting some nice polish from america. just send me a email or something if your interested :)

  3. I saw Smooth Sailing on another blog earlier today and instantly fell in love. Your pics just confirm that. I wish Essie was cheaper here! Looks like it's off to eBay for me...

  4. Smooth Sailing is gorgeous! I'm gonna have to look for that in stores.

  5. I like Smooth Sailing a lot.

    Erika, did you get any of the Pirates of the Caribbean polishes? I want to see you pretty up some of these polishes with your special brand of nail art :).

  6. lovely, essy has always pretty colors, my cup of tee ;)

  7. I don't have any blues like "smooth sailing"... May have to they it :)

  8. I picked the same two from that collection. I am wearing Absolutely Shore at the moment as well! I love it and even though I have a ton of colors in this family, it's still a little bit different than the others.

  9. Smooth Sailing is fabulouse, love it.

  10. Love Smooth Sailing....pretty color.

  11. I JUST picked up Smooth Sailing and I can't wait to use it. It was my very first Essie!

  12. I picked up Smooth Sailing and Meet Me At Sunset... I think that was it, but it's a great collection.

  13. These are the two I picked up first as well--they look great on you!

  14. I tried "Absolutely Shore" last week and loved it, but man I need "Smooth Sailing" now! That looks awesome!

  15. Smooth sailing is soooo pretty! Very nice shade of blue!

  16. Smooth Sailing is gorgeous :-)

  17. Thanks you guys!! Smooth Sailing is soooo pretty, and def unique from all my other colors!!

    nekocrafts, ooohhh, do you have like a site, or photos you could email me of what you make. I did see the whale ring set, and fell in love. I love fun jewelry like that. My problem is, my ring size is 3.75 :( Is that too small for you to make?

    tahillia, :( No I don't have those yet. I haven't seen them in stores, and I have been trying like crazy to stay off online sites, lol. Not that it works.

    Shieldmaiden96, YAY, what a great first!!!

  18. Very soothing colors! : D

  19. Smooth Sailing is such a pretty color! I'm going to drop by my RA and see if they have it!

  20. Absolutely Shore looks lovely on you! It turned out so streaky on me I'll probably take it back.

  21. hey Erika i sent you a email but im not sure if you got it. most of my jewelry is here www.nekocrafts.deviantart.com/gallery

    and the rest is on my fb group :) http://www.facebook.com/Uglydolly/posts/1859868749832?notif_t=feed_comment_reply#!/pages/Nekos-Crafts-Handmade-jewelry-and-accessories/112560738756968

    my email is cupcake.coronets@gmail.com if you want to mail me :)

  22. Thanks you guys!!

    Jen, Oh no, that sucks :( Essie's, for me, can be tricky. I apply them all the same, with a light hand, and I load up the brush

    Neko, Yes I did get your email, sorry I I haven't had a chance to get back to my emails, but I promise to look at your facebook soon, I cna't wait!!!

  23. I love your blog!
    Great color!

  24. hehe well just let me know and what colours your willing to trade :) we cant get flakies over here so if you have some of those you would be trade then i will be happy to trade for them :) other then that any pretty ones will do hehe, i love glitter aswell and turqoiuse and pastels :D


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