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Saturday, May 7, 2011

a-England Polishes

Okay, so I know a while ago I said I wanted to do real swatches of these 2 polishes, but i never got the time, and actually forgot, but here they are. These are 2 polishes that I ordered online, because I saw a lovely ladies swatches on MUA. They aren't the in your face type of holo, but they do still have some. They are just beyond pretty IMO, and the formula rocks! If I had access to more sun, I could have shown you the holo bits, but I don't sorry :( You can purchase these here, if you're interested.

This is Lady of the Lake

and Tristam. Don't you just love thsi blue! It's so rich looking


  1. these look pretty :D do they have a holo kind of like fashion addict from color club?

  2. OMG these are amazing! Especially the blue one <3 Pure love :)!

  3. Argh! I'm trying to forget that I want Tristam but you're making it so much harder!

  4. I keep seeing swatches of these colors popping up!! I may just have to cave and purchase them...they are wonderful!

  5. I want these polishes so badly but I've been holding off because of the price but it's getting more difficult. And the bottles are so pretty, too! I'm such a sucker for pretty bottles.

  6. Lady of the Lake reminds me of Color Club's Wild at Heart but less red. :-)

  7. Wow, they're amazing ! I especially love Lady of the Lake ...
    According to your pictures, I think they have the same kind of holo than Catrice Dirty Berry :)

  8. Lady of the Lake is gorgeous! I love deep purples. : D

  9. what a great color and effect it has on the nail!

  10. Wow, such a nice dark blue!!

  11. I like them both, but I think I like the blue the best. They're both stunning!

  12. Very pretty, plus I love the name Tristam ;) I tried like hell to get my husband to agree to name our youngest son "Tristan", but I lost :/ BOO hahaha I really want to try these!

  13. Shimmer I feel your pain on the name thing! tried to get my husband to go with Alan Garrett for a name but no go so my son's name is Stewart--we opened the book while closing our eyes and that's what we landed on!

    Anyway Erika gorgeous colors! I think I love the blue Tristam the best.

  14. They are both absolutely beautiful. I'm in love with the Lady of the Lake .

  15. They're both very pretty, I love the second one the most. :-)

  16. That colour is a-freaking-mazing O.O

    I gave you an award on my blog :) You deffinitely deserve it.

  17. Thanks you guys!!!

    tahillia,I know what you mean, I wish polish wasn't so much!!

    Shimmer, Oh no, I LOVE that name for a boy!

    Ylva, aww, thank you so much!!!


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