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Monday, February 20, 2012

China Glaze Liquid Crystal

Morning! Sorry I didn't post this weekend, we were all so busy. Friday night when I got home from work, I did have this beauty waiting for me though, it's China Glaze Liquid Crystal. This is from their Prismatics 2012 Spring collection. Now, I haven't seen them in stores anywhere yet, but I was so impatient, and ordered mine off of eBay, lol. I first saw this on Makeupalley, and vivi123 posted some of her swatches that were amazing!

Here is is with 2 coats and then a coat of SV, Seche Vite. I got one sunny pic, because the sun ran away almost as soon as I got this on :(

Then I decided to layer it over a blue since that is how I saw vivi123 used it.I used China Glaze Frostbite

This time I only did 1 coat of Liquid Crystal and then a coat of SV.


  1. I am a bit disappointed by Prismatic Collection. I was expecting for holo or multidimensional polishes. Of course, these are nice glitter polishes, but nothing that worth the crazy China Glaze prices that we have here in Italy. :(

  2. I ordered Polarized and Prism when the collection was first launched and when I swatched them I was really disappointed! Nothing like I was expecting them to be! Nice glitters yes but no holo :(


  4. Wow, what a beauty! Layering over that blue is brilliant idea because overall effect is stunning!

  5. That is stunning! Just added it to my ever growing wishlist. I just love glitters like this. It looks amazing over blue!

  6. Ooh this colour is really pretty. I was initially hesitant about this collection, since I didn't like the China Glaze Eye Candy polishes, but this is so pretty!

  7. this looks really lovely but all of the glittery china glaze polishes I've bought before have really stuck to my nails and been so hard and messy to get off, even over a ridge filler. Please tell me this one isn't a nightmare?!!??!?! xxx

  8. When I first saw the promos for these I thought they were holos. Am sad they are all glitters! Wish someone would do more holos!

  9. OMG that's soooo pretty! I'm a nail tech but don't do nails anymore just close friends and my own! You've given me so many awesome ideas! Your very talented! My name is Carol Priddy and love..love..love your mani's!

  10. Chloe your nails are So gorgeous, that if you put poop polish on your nails it will look absolutely amazing! But those Prismatics are not doing anything for me, I think they are ugly and I am dissapointed in China Glaze :-/

  11. Well there's a serious lemming to add to my list! Ya know, I've never commented here, even though I have mentioned you as inspiration for many of my manis on my blog. I've recreated several of your tape manis, although admittedly not half as well as yours! I'm so glad you're back. And, I felt for you. I have a severe anxiety disorder with depression that is kicking in big time since my hubby is out of town. It's a fight to even get out of the house to get my oldest to school. :( Hope to actually chat with you someday! Until then, I'm satisfied that you're posting again. Seeing you back online really made me happy.

  12. I bet it's even more amazing in person! You are lucky to have this already!

  13. I love your blog! You have inspired me to be more adventurous in my manis. I love your creativity and ability to put colors together! Keep up the great work and posting!

  14. That looks amazing layered. I bought it off of ebay, too (I couldn't wait until it was up on the etailers' sites!) and I'm so glad I did. I know a lot of people were disappointed in these polishes because they aren't holos like they expected, but they are so cool. They have that subtle duochrome effect that is really amazing to me in a glitter. I have only worn it by itself (two coats and it's completely opaque) but I got lots of compliments. I'm sure I'd get even more if I wore it layered. Does the duochrome still show when it's layered? I have the whole collection but this one is easily the coolest. I like the one that flashes pink, too. No idea what it's called. I can't keep the names of the polishes straight with this collection. Not sure why. I think it's because they all look so similar in the bottle and the differences are pretty subtle until you get them on the nail.

    P.S. I hope you remember me from before. I'm a longtime reader/lover of you and your blog and I'm so glad you're back. I said so on the nb the other day. I haven't been getting on as much bc work is kicking my ass so that was the first time I had seen you there. Anyway, I suffer from severe anxiety and depression too, and I have gone for long periods of time without really leaving the house. I went for two years without doing more than going out to pick up my prescriptions (for antidepression/anxiety that clearly weren't working). It took some time but I am back out in the world now. Kinda. I'm working and fine running errands but I still am not up to going out to bars and stuff with my friends. I did attend a friend's wedding in October and I got through it (and actually had fun!) but it required some Xanax. I'm not taking anxiety meds anymore so it's difficult for me to feel ok about going out to places where it's super busy but I'm taking baby steps. That's all it takes! You'll get there. And you're so blessed to have a wonderful support system in your husband and family. I don't have that. My friends just don't understand what I go through and my parents' philosophy is "Suck it up" which can be helpful in some situations but certainly not ours. Ok, sorry for writing a book.. I just wanted to let you know that I think you're doing great and I think it was really brave of you to share your story with us. If you ever want to talk, I'm here for you. You can email me any time! tahillia at gmail dot com. I'm on twitter, too and I follow you. I'm @trahillia (previously tahillia but I had some family members find my account and I really didn't want to have to censor myself in the one place I felt ok being me)

    (Also, I don't read nail blogs like I used to but yours is a MUST VISIT as far as I'm concerned. Thank you again for coming back and sharing your talent with us!)

  15. Wow. This color is really interesting! Thanks for the post! Now I can't wait for it to come out!

  16. I've actually managed to find the whole collection at a store near me and have reviewed the first half of this collection :)

    http://www.polishallthenails.com/2012/02/review-china-glaze-prismatics-part-1.html, if you're interested :)

  17. I just picked up Salley Hansen Gem Crush. I know you like sparklies like me :), you will absolutely love love Gem Crush, if you haven't already snagged it :)

  18. Fabulous colour! I love them!

  19. I saw some at my Sally's today and got one :)

  20. Wow! I really like the dark blue!

    I might try the blue and do that hourglass thing you did on a previous post :)

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