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Friday, February 10, 2012

Got a tad bit bored O_o

A couple of nights ago, I had decided that I wanted a simple delicate mani with a little sparkle. Well, that's how it began, and then I became bored so my simple mani turned into the complete opposite!

I started with 2 coats of Savina Purple Hologram polish. I love this one, it's semi sheer, with just the right amount of speckled glitter, but could I just stop there, nope. Although it's called purple, it def pulls more pink on me, which is okay by me.

I then decided some polka dots were needed. So I used China Glaze Millenium and my Bundle Monster plate, BM19. Excuse the shiny cuticles, I had just oiled up, and maybe a tad too much.

Oh but of course, it needed tips!! So I used OPI Alpine Snow Matte and tape :) Jack loved this mani!

Now, as promised, here is a pick of my almost reorganized stash. Jack counted last night, there are 799 in the case, on top, and in front on the floor, which still need to be fit in somewhere. Oh, and even after this pic, the amount on the floor has increased, eeeek. Now I have about 400-450 sitting in a box, and I'm not sure what I'm going to do with those yet. At least my faves are displayed and easy to get to now. 

and a bonus pic of Jack when we were first getting started on this 3 hour project. He really is the best for helping, and being so involved in my hobby :)


  1. What a gorgous mani! i love the finished product. Also i'm sitting here in awe of your collection, its just awesome! My DH would never in a million years help me with np... (well maybe help me carry it out of the house! lol)

  2. Love it! The polka dots look super cute!

  3. Not at all simple, but definitely beautiful. Great job! (oh and thumbs up on having a hubby with awesome facial hair AND who is willing to help with your polish. I only wound up with the facial hair 50% of that)

    1. LOL, yeah he goes through phases. I do love it though!

  4. La manicura es muy dulce, me gusta mucho.

    ¡Qué cantidad de esmalte tienes! Qué envidia.


  5. What a sweet guy! You've got a real keeper there! And cute mani too!

  6. I love that Savina polish. Tips have always looked good on your nails!

  7. wow thats quite the stash! the mani is super cute :)

  8. Love the mani. It's so original! Jack is very sweet for helping you organise :)

  9. That looks GREAT!! Both the mani and your collection of polish ;)

  10. I am so envious of your collection. I love the idea of having them all on display like this.
    Love your blog :-)

  11. So many pretties, so nicely displayed! And your hubby is a sweetie!

    I like the "over the top" mani - the dots are cool and white tips bring everything together!

    I'm glad you are back - I know you traveled a rough road and your strength and courage are an inspiration. Thank you! You have cheered me up many times!


    1. Thank you so much!! That really means a lot to me. I'm really glad to be back and getting back to life :)

  12. Love that mani, the base is very cute and the dots in silver are very nice.

  13. I love the look thanks for sharing your pics of your nail polish rack or book shelf. Do you have arcylic on your nails?


    1. You're very welcome. No, those are my real nails :)

  14. Thanks you guys!!!! I really do feel lucky to have him!!

  15. I love the mani- but the NE cold weather has gotten to my nails...breaking down low...so BAD looking hands and nails for this girl.... what a great husband you have to help and support you like he does!

  16. I loooove the mani. But I love your shelf even more! I only have just shy of 300 polishes, but I keep them in shoeboxes and I'm always forgetting about stuff I already have. :P

  17. I love this polish, I saw it posted here sometime back .. and fell in love with it, still havent been able to find it! what an awesome hubby helping you orgazine this :)

  18. This is an awesome mani!

    And holy effing shit! Thats a lot of polish! Your lucky your husband is so supportive! I think my bf would have a heart attack if he saw that! lol!

  19. Holy moly ! That's caaa-razzzy and awesome at the same time!! :D Close up pics please :)

    1. Yeah, I'll def do some close up for you guys :)

  20. Hi there! I started reading your blog just a few months ago and kept it bookmarked in spite of your hiatus :) Loving the daily updates!

    Couple questions. How do you keep your natural nails so healthy and even? I have been coating mine in acrylic since 2006 because mine were always prone to breakage :( Do you do your nails every day? How much time do you let the coats of polish dry as you layer patterns and tips on?

    Your collection is IMPRESSIVE. And I love pretty much every manicure you've posted :)

    1. Hello!! Thank you so much :)I do take Biotin daily, and I really think that helps. I moisturize my nails and cuticles a few times a day as well. Yeah, I do my nails every day, and sometimes more, lol. After I apply SV I will wait about 10 min to do tips or stamping.

  21. I really love this manicure! It's very cute. You have such a great stash and it's so awesome that your husband is so supportive of your hobby and helps you out!

  22. I love it! I'm always so envious how you get the polka dot stamp to work perfectly for you! I always get little tiny spots of missing image on mine when I try it lol! And we all know Jack has good taste since he married you!

  23. Wow such a big collection!! but i wonder if they don't go bad, you know hard or sticky inside the bottles. What do you do to prevent it?

    1. That's the great thing about polish, it NEVER goes bad. Sure it can get thick and goopy, but just add some nail polish thinner and it's good as new :)

  24. I love the delicate sparkle together with the silver dots - Another mani I would never think of and now can't wait to try! and the matte white tips just make it perfect and another idea I really want to try!- thanks for the inspiration :D and I thinks it's great that your partner is so supportive :D and I'm glad your back! Your blog really brightens my day (and my nails lol :D)

  25. Great MANI and perfect nails, u can make post how u treat them :)

    P.S. Nail polishes that u dont need u can give them us as a gift :D

    XOXO Ana

    1. I do have a nail care tab above that may help :)

  26. The nails turned out really well and I'm sooo jealous of your collection!

  27. I have fallen in LOVE with your blog! I find something new constantly! i love to see there is someone with my same ridiculous obsession! I just got divorced so this has been such a RELIEF for my racing mind! So thank-you - and keep it up! And your husband is so cute in that pic! (BTW - SV top coat is my FAVORITE find on your site yet! How hae I lived without it so long!!!)

    1. IKR, SV is a MUST IMO for a mani. Thank you so much, and I really am just happy to hear you enjoy my blog and doing nails too!!! It's a great thing to keep your mind busy.

  28. 1) I am jealous of your naturally awesome nails 2) I'm jealous of your polish collection!! How do you not have 2 of the same color? Or how do you not accidentally buy one that you already have?

    1. Haha, it's weird how I know them all. Jack will even randomly pick a bottle up every so often and ask its name. He's always shocked when I know it :)

  29. your stash is beyond amazing! lol

  30. I am so jealous of your collection. My hubby almost had a panick attack when I showed him. I saw "what has my wife gotten attached to" flash across his face. :)

  31. Do you have any tips for stamping with the first set of bundle monster plates? I have them and I have such a hard time getting good transfers?

    1. I have some tips in by tutorial under my Tutorials tab. I hope that helps :)

  32. I enjoy looking at your swatches =) You have such gorgeous nails! Also I've tried your scotch tape method & it does a better job than those nail tip guidelines. Wow you have an amazing collection of polishes! I only have a bit over 200 bottles & my b/f thinks I'm insane! lol at least your hubby is supportive of your obsession =D

  33. This is such a pretty mani! I love it. I am like you, I like to see my pretty bottles displayed on a book case. I never understand why people throw them in a drawer!

  34. Super Cute Mani!!! OMG LOVE Your Polish Collection that is like my dream collection hehe

  35. I dont know whats more impressive, your collection or the fact you got your guy to spend 3 hours helping you with nail polish!

  36. Great combo! I love the base color on its own! I don't think my skin tone can pull it off.

  37. Don't know what to do with them? you can give them to the readers, just a suggestion :D

  38. Hello,
    I'm from Brazil and some time I follow your blog and love your art with nail polish, so beautiful even today my courage and decided to leave a comment aqui.Tive to resort to google because my English is not good when I saw the photos of your nail polish rack almost falls out of that chair, that our wonderful collection, congratulations and if you ever decide to make a detachment, will be here even if it is a bit far. Kisses
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  39. Melissa H from So. Fla.March 23, 2012 at 2:33 PM

    ...and I thought my stash of 50 was a lot! ha ha
    Ever since I came across your site [on Pinterest] I've kept nail polish on my nails 24/7 and they have become healthier than ever. My manicurist even had to file them back! (never in my life)

    Perhaps I'm now obsessed w/ polish? he he. :)

  40. I love pretty much all of your mani pics! I'm curious as to where you got your nail polish shelf/bookcase?

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