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Friday, February 17, 2012

This one is for you Mel!!!

Morning & HAPPY FRIDAY! While reading through my comments I noticed a mani request from Mel, and since I didn't have a mani in mind already, I decided to give it a go. She asked for something in pink and brown, and here is what I did. Oh and Mel, feel special, I must confess that Jack, my husband, designed the mani for you, lol. He asked what I was looking for, while standing in front of my stash, and I told him your request. Well, he went right to work, haha. Not only did he choose the colors, but also the image. So we both hope you like it!

I started with 2 coats of OPI You Don't Know Jacques!

Then using China Glaze Admire & my Mash plate M63, I ended up with this :)

PS: If you have sent me an email, and I haven't responded yet, I am soooooo sorry. I still have a few hundred to go through and hope to be caught up soon. I promise I will get back to you. It was just that while I was going through my bad time, I didn't open my email at all, and now that I have, it's a tad full. 


  1. I really like this mani :) I liked the browny/ beige pink and White marble you did that looked so nice, thanks for giving me such great nail ideas, EVERYONE comments on my nails and I always tell them about your website..... Thanks all the way from sunny England :) x

  2. I think it is so so sweet that your husband understands your polish addiction and is a total enabler :) My hubby could use some tips from him.

    Your nails look amazing! (as usual)

    1. Haha, I do feel very blessed in that area, lol. Sometimes though, he is too picky :P

  3. Wow your hubby has great taste, mine would probably run away if i asked him to pick something out, this came out really pretty.

  4. Such a beatuiful mani and I am so glad to see you blogging again. It is very theraputic as I know what you were going through. Keep on truckin girlfriend, there IS a light at the tunnel. I've been at this since '98.

  5. I really like it!



  6. Any tips on lining up the tape? Or is it a practice thing?

    1. I'm sorry, I'm a little confused, I didn't use tape in this mani.

  7. I love this, but my bottle of You Don't Know Jacques doesn't look that dark...I wish it did cuz this is really cute!

    1. Oh that's weird. Could you maybe add some black to it to darken it up to your liking?

  8. Thanks you guys! I will give Jack credit, he didn't do to bad, lol

  9. That is stunning! You really know how to bring an "old" taupe back to life. :D

  10. Love the color combo! It's perfect!

  11. How is it that you make the simplest manis look so damn awesome!!!! It;s just mind boggling!! I love this!

  12. China Glaze Romantique Collection has some awsome polishes to stamping.
    Loved the combination.

  13. This is beautiful. I love it <3 Your husband has good taste.

  14. Once again you blew me away....sooo cool!!

  15. Love pink and brown together, and this is no exception!

  16. This is an amazing Mani! And it's so awesome that your husband supports your love!! Mine does too actually! It's pretty cute! :D

  17. Great nails, love the colour and design.

  18. i LOVE your blog! i was wondering if you would be willing to do a "tips and tricks" section for just stamping. i've been at it for a bit and they look alright, good but not as good as yours! lol! any advice would be great on the subject! :)

    1. I'm new to stamping and I have seen a number of sites and videos that say that special polish is not required, but I find that using regular polish BARELY shows up on my nail.... I think the above style posted looks *fantastic*, but I'm not getting results that even remotely look this good. I know it takes practice, but it just seems like the polish doesn't want to show up :( Makes me sad....

  19. <3 i love it when boys participate in blogs! haha

  20. Brown and pink match made in heaven!

  21. Oh my, this is so freaking gorgeous!!!

  22. This is so amazing! LOVE the colors! I haven't tried nail stamping yet, but after seeing this post I'm going to have to.

  23. Aw, your hubbie is the cutest! (In a adorable, standing from afar, not trying to be awkward way) Ha! =) And he did do a great job with the color choices, this mani looks Awesome!! I never would have even thought to try that combo, but it looks SO good! Nice work! And always love to hear about the supportive hubbies in the mix! =)

  24. OMG! I LOVE it. Not sure if you were referring to me or not, but I am assuming that you are since I requested pink and brown:) Bought plates and stamp yesterday so I am so doing this tonight!!!! Thanks for posting, talk to you soon!

  25. I love the colours! That stamp almost reminds me of the patterns you see in an oil slick too!

  26. That is so gorgeous! I have always loved pink and brown together (turquoise and brown is ah-mazing too, give it a try sometime!), and the way the swirls are in this, it reminds me of Neopolitan ice cream. Yum. Well done, both of you!

  27. I am just going to pretend that I sent you the email asking you for this mani because Mel is what I go by and I absofreakinglutly LOVE what your hubs put together for me. ;)

  28. Morning & HAPPY FRIDAY! While reading through my comments I noticed a mani request from Mel, and since I didn't have a mani in mind already, I decided to give it a go. She asked for something in pink and brown, and here is what I did. Oh and Mel, feel special, I must confess that Jack, my husband, designed the mani for you, lol. He asked what I was looking for, while standing in front of my stash, and I told him your request. Well, he went right to work, haha. Not only did he choose the colors, but also the image. So we both hope you like it!guild wars 2 gold
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  33. orning & HAPPY FRIDAY! While reading through my comments I noticed a mani request from Mel, and since I didn't have a mani in mind already, I decided to give it a go

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