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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

2011 Finger Paints Spring Collection

So even though Sally's had a full display of these cute bottles with rings, I only grabbed 2, and to be honest, it was only because of the rings. I have very few Finger Paints, and this is because, they just don't have that many unique colors. For instance this collection is nothing special IMHO. Dang you rings, if it weren't for you, I wouldn't have spent the money. Oh well. The formula on both was quit thick, but nothing a little thinner won't help. Since they were so thick though, both of these are only 1 coat, which I do love.

BTW, my camera has officially become a liar! This is more of a mint green than an in your face neon lime green. *shrug*
Chrysanthe-Mum's The Word

Aren't You Glad-iolous?


  1. OMG I love that green. Lemming.

  2. Beautiful colors! Your nails always look so perfect!!

  3. Ahh I love both of them, but that green is just so divine! :)

  4. Loving both shades, but my fav is the lilac. xx

  5. Yep, they're not original, but they're pretty for spring, so at least they had some nice spring colours

  6. I only got Aren't you... And Carnation Creation (which my camera hated!) I looove them, especially aren't you..? It's such a flattering , cute shade of lavender or whatevs.

  7. You have such beautiful nails! Most any color looks wonderful :o)

  8. Honestly? Even if the colors aren't so great, the brushes are easier to hold with my giant troll hands, so I have a bunch of them for that reason. :D

  9. This is a random question inspired by the major shrinkage I experienced last night when I layered my prized Clarins 230 over Funky Dunkey... How do you deal with SV shrinkage? I feel like I didn't experience it much until lately. I bought my most recent bottle from CVS, though, instead of transdesign so it could have been sitting there for ages. As a result, I feel like it may be thicker than usual. But anyway, you never seem to have a problem with it. What's your trick?

  10. I was considering buying the Finger Paints only because of the rings, haha. I restrained myself. XD

  11. I like Aren't You Gladi-lalala but it seems like every company released that color this spring. Also, the names could be better. :P

  12. Thanks you guys!!!

    Tracie, I know a lot who have shrinkage issues with SV. Are you making sure to use it while the base polish is still wet and are you wrapping your tips? These will help, and some polishes just don't work well with SV. You can try Poshe, thats a great tc as well. I don't have issues since I don't leave a mani on longer than a few hours, lol.

    Cammy, you're good, what's your trick, to restarin yourself, cause I suck, lol.

    Joy, OMG the names drive me crazy, but I think it's because they are so dang long!!


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