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Monday, March 21, 2011

This trumps your Double Rainbow

Good morning guys!! Haha I'm back, lol. I really do have the best hubby and I'm sorry I haven't had a chance to respond to all your guys comments yesterday, but him and I both declared yesterday, movie day no computers allowed, and it was a blast. He actually got the post ready the night before, while we were all celebrating, because I knew there was no way I was waking up to do it, and I couldn't fully compose a descent sentence. I asked him to and with no hesitation he did it, and I just watched and giggled. Here is a pic of him and our very sweet friend, Sandy, helping him out :) Since I took the pic, it's a tad blurry, because keeping still, was just not happening.

We both sat and read all of your sweet words on his post, and loved every single one of them. It was a very proud moment for him :)  I'm thrilled you guys were okay with it, because I actually tried to get him to post something else, because I didn't want you guys to think different of me, for being a tad to intoxicated, eeek.

Let's get to the mani. I started with a base of China Glaze Liquid Leather. I just got this and wanted to try it out. It is a great polish, but I still prefer my Sinful Black on Black.

Then using a pair of the craft scissors, did a more uniformed version of the Shredded Mani, and used Sally Hansen Turquoise Opal. I have quit a few pics, so I could try and show you guys all the colors she is capable of showing.

Hope you guys all had a great weekend!!


  1. Sally's prisms are really great over black, aren't they?

    I had this kind of mani two weeks ago (different colors, of course) and when I just remember how much cutting I had to do.
    But with these scissors it's that easy, as plain straight line.


  2. Oh hun I don't think different of you! Love ya just the same:) Hubby did a great job for you.

    Love the mani and turquoise opal is just awesome!

    I'm going to have to take my scissors back having a hard time cutting the tape. It's as if they are too dull. I'm going to try the fiskar brand hoping they are better for me :)

  3. Glad you had fun!! that turquoise opal is very pretty! is it hard to find?

  4. omg, i want sally at Hungary! :(

  5. why would we feel or think different of you? :D c'mon, you're just as human as we all are, and to sometimes drink a little (or a lot! :D) more than usual has never seriously harmed anyone. ok, it has, but you get my point, right? haha :D

    and your mani is just gorg yet again! love love love it!

  6. I need to get a new black soon :) mine is old and it's staning :( My wasn't a good one, have been working both saturday and sunday and now I am almost asleep at school, so exhausted am I :(

  7. I would never judge you for having a good time. You're a grown up, you're allowed to responsibly get sloshed every now and then. ;)

    I love this manicure, btw.

  8. Great Mani. I love your scissors. I'm looking scissors like that.
    I love your blog. I'm from Chile and i was looking for a latin blog about manis, but can't find one like yours. Congratulations.

  9. Because you use black nail polishes so often, do you find you get alot of staining? Or does the sinful black on black not stain? I'm always so hesitant because I have the wet n wild black creme and it stains soooooo badly

  10. wow that is pretty!

    You now have more than 2,000 followers! That is amazing, I hope to have that many someday:)

  11. we'd never judge you like that! All that went through my mind on the last post was "that was so nice of her husband!!"

    Love this mani, I love how the purple changes colors and i love that design! I need to invest in craft scissors!

  12. combo is really stunning.. i never get tired of the black manis

  13. Well thank you all so much!! Im always afraid of how others view me :P But of course, you all rock!

  14. absolutely gorgeous! you have to see my post today! and i know you have the polishes so do it:) lol you will love it!

  15. of course we wouldnt judge - it shows you are up for a laugh too and enjoy yourself like everyone else - we're all human and like having fun . ... I love that polish and the depths it has, gorgeous!

  16. So creative! It looks beautiful, love it!

  17. Thanks you guys so much!!! Whew, I feel tons better :P


    Pretty manicure! : D

  19. I adore your manis!!! I'm such a newbie at this nail stuff and my blog sucks compared to yours. Taking good pics is a huge challenge in itself. I applaud you. You are frickin' awesome!

  20. LOVE LOVE LOVE this one! U r one very lucky lady having such a great husband who understand and supports your obsession! My hubby looks on my obsession (which I thought was major, until I saw yours! LOL) as cute in a pat you on the head kinda way, although he is starting to come around and notice things more which I LOVE.

    Love your blog, read it daily and can't wait to see what clever designs you will come up with next! Keep up the great job!

  21. This is really pretty! I love the combination of colours!

  22. Love love those new tape designs!! You are an inspiration to us Erika :p

  23. Thanks you guys!

    Cammy, HAHAHA, it just means it's more magical, and *high five* for knowing the video!

    Crystal, Oh you'll def get the hang of picture taking. It took me a while, and I know mine still aren't perfect.

    Karen, awww thank you, and YAY for your man noticing more now, that a great step!

    Lydiane, thank you so much!!

  24. Wow, this is very beautiful!
    I love it! =)


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