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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Giveaway entries

Hey guys, I've gotten a few emails and posts about people not seeing their entries. Scroll down to the Giveaway post, and click on the comments, then If you look right above the first comment, in the right hand corner, and a little under the last picture posted of lot #5, you will see a 'Newer' and 'Newest' link. There are multiple pages of entries/comments and each page only holds 200 comments. So be sure to check there if you are concerned about whether or not your entry is in. Thanks you guys!


  1. Have you considered using a form to fill in? Would probably save you from a lot of these questions, and also keep every bodies email-addresses private.
    I would've entered, but I really don't want to post that personal information out in the open.

    Either way, yay for give-away!

  2. I did consider it, but decided against it, not sure why, lol. I guess I figured that since i plan on deleting the entire post anyways when the giveaway ends, the email addresses are only up for less than 2 weeks :)

  3. I don't know if this is possible but as a suggestion maybe when you add the entry to your Excel spreadsheet you can maybe delete the comment? that way the emails won't be up for too long and you can keep track of who you have already added. It may give you issues with people who do not think their comment has been posted up though...

  4. If you don't want spam bots to attack your email, write it as 'name [at] domain.com' or even 'name at domain dot com'.

    Failing that, get a new email purely for giveaways like this?

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