Polish Friends

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Lightning & Lace

Before I removed the Sally Hansen Lightning, my previous posted mani, I decided to try a Konad over it. I used Claire's 14 Karats and Konad plate M71.
I just wanted to share my view from the couch as I was taking these pictures. My hubby and our Chi Rolo, they are BFF's, lol.


  1. so cute! i want a puppy like that. I like that nail design, i need that plate!

  2. Love the yellow and the gold, fab colour combo :)

  3. thats so pretty ! its bold and subtle at the same time, love it! x

  4. oh how pretty!! :o)

    i wish i could wear yellow, it looks beautiful on you!!

  5. We are so ALIKE! Your man + Rolo = My Hunk + Oso!

  6. Such a cute picture! :D

    I just had my nails done with the same style but with purple colours! Konad m71 is my favourite plate :3

  7. Aww lovely picture! X

  8. Awww, cute dog (and husband, hehe)! I have a Min Pin with the same markings <3.

    I love the gold Konad over the yellow. It looks like a really cool retro wallpaper or something. No, it looks like something they'd sell at Anthropologie. Beautiful colors, antique/retro feel, really feminine, etc.

  9. That is such a cute pic!!

    In regards to Konad'ing - what do you find are the best polishes to use as the stamping?


  10. Oh my, I don't like yellow on nails that much, but this looks truly awesome!

    And that last pic is totally cute =)

  11. very cute mani. and Rolo is adorable!

  12. Very adorable stamping :) and Rolo is so cute!

  13. I never thought yellow and gold would go so well together!

    I was thinking of purchasing some polish from Claire's. Are they pretty decent?

  14. Thanks you guys!!

    L, I love any chromes, metallics, Sally Hansen Insta-Dri's, holos but only on a dark contrasting base and the Sally Hansen Chrome pens :)

    Cammy, I really like Claires polishes especially their glitters


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