Polish Friends

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Another Franken that I heart so much!

I love me some dark colors & hidden shimmers, so I again, tried to create a new polish for me. I'm also trying way hard to save money, so I'm getting desperate, lol.
If only I could remember what I used!!! I am sooo sorry. I meant to take pictures along the way, but things just kept getting added, and it was utter chaos! I made this about a month ago, so my mind, as hard as it tried to remember, failed me :(


  1. I understand because when I make a franken I just start dumping.Lol! It's gorgeous! :)

    Can you remember the name of the glitter you used?

  2. Thank you everyone!!!

    rmc, if I remember correctly, I believe it was a Claire's blus glitter, and Sally Hansen DVD.


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