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Monday, November 15, 2010

Funky French with OPI's Fraternal Twins..........

This mani, I decided to use both of OPI's Lincoln Park After Dark finishes, Suede & Matte. Can you handle it?? lol. Okay, I'm feeling really anwry and dorky right now, so bare with me. Anyways, back to the mani...

I started with 2 coats of the Suede version.....oh and see the dang burn on my finger!! Ick!

Then I decided to add a coat of SV...muuuuuch better.

Then, using the Matte version, I taped off my nails, and added tips!

Then...just cause....I added SV to it all!!!


  1. I really like OPI and I have only one of the suede collection cause it is so uncomfy. It is not slick but it feels... worng :D:D

  2. Thanks, it is a different finish, that I love some days, and can't stand others :P

  3. I really like the matte look. What matte polish do you use, and where do you buy it?! Thank you (:

  4. Thanks Kate! The matte polish is OPI's Lincoln Park After Dark Matte. I got mine from Ulta, but it is core, so anywhere they sell OPI, or even eBay.

  5. I am a rightie and I absolutely am obsessed with doing my nails. My right hand looks great but my left hand always comes out all messy. Any tips on how I can make it look neater? Technigues? Thanx so much I love your blog.

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