Polish Friends

Sunday, November 7, 2010

What's cuter than tiny snowmen heads??????

I found these little cuties at Rite Aid in Philadelphia. I am such a sucker for novelty polishes, and even though my thought as I was grabbing these was....these are going to be a pita to store in my telmer, I must get  them. They don't have individual names, but the formula was great on these. The only downside.....the brushes were AWFUL! They were just wonky and too big. Now I love the big brushes, but these were just silly.

Here are the 6 that I got. I did pick up a 7th, like 2 weeks later, but I haven't had a chance to swatch it yet. There are tons out there though. A few just didn't appeal to me even a little.

This had a tiny bit of holo, but it was hard to capture. You can kind of see it in the bottle

This 1st pic of the light pink is color accurate, the 2nd, I had the flash on

Do you see all that crazy holoness!!!

This was way prettier in person. For some odd reason, when I am taking pictures of really glittery reds, my camera and I end up fighting.


  1. These are way too cute and lovely. The last one is really pretty :)

  2. Such cute bottles! I love them all, but that holo one is the prettiest :)

  3. I'm hoping these will come to a ds near me soon. They're so cute!

  4. These are really cute! And perfect application despite the bad brush :)

  5. I looove these little snowmen... I want to build a small army of them. I've got 6 so far haha 4 from this year and two from last year

  6. Adorable! I just read through your ENTIRE blog! Awesome stuff! Hi to a fellow Philly girl!

  7. Thanks you guys! I just love these little guys!!!

    Maureen, wow, well thanks for taking the time to go back and read my entire blog!!! And YA for another Philly polish fan!!!!

  8. Those are adorable. I wish we had a RiteAid, in the Southern states!

  9. Kate, I'm sorry, that does suck, there are so many fun polishes there! Maybe you can find them in a local grocery store, I did hear someone did on MUA.

  10. Hi Erika,
    I came across this post from a google images search I did for the Clarisonic Mia Zebra! I have NO IDEA why this turned up, but anyway, I LOVE that bright holo pink. I will check out my local Rite Aid, but since it's 3 mos since your post, they probably wont have it. Is there a dupe you could recommend?
    BTW, you do an AMAZING job both with your manicures, and with your photos!

  11. Hahaha, that is so weird! I'm nt sure why my blog came up either :) I am sorry to say, that I'm not aware of any dupe for that one. I'm so sorry.

  12. I was wondering what is holo?

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