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Thursday, November 4, 2010

New, to me Sinful Swactches.............Part 1...Who doesn't like a Happy Ending!

I ordered a few Sinfuls, from their site, and am very pleased with what arrived in the mail.
First is my hubbys favorite and my favorite named one. It's called Happy Ending, lol.

Happy Ending

Kismet Elated
This is my fave, color wise, from the group

This is Red Ocean over just a regular black

I will post part 2, this afternoon. Thanks for looking everyone!!


  1. You make everything look so amazing!! Do you apply SV to all your mani's? What camera are you using? :D

  2. Aww, thanks rmc! Yeah, I apply SV after EVERY mani, I go through tons of that stuff, lol. My camera really isn't anything fancy, it's just a Sony Cybershot, pink of course :)

    bettynova, that was def my fave from them all, it was sooo glowy, and I loved that it had a purpleish gold, duochrome!

  3. Oh, Kismet Elated and Red Ocean look simply amazing!

  4. They are sooo pretty! Just wish they had them in stores!

  5. I wish we had them here, in our country... *wishful thinking* LOL

  6. Gasp! There's a Red Ocean?! I have and love Green Ocean, didn't know there was another!

  7. Oh I'm sorry Biba, that is soooo annoying that all polish isn't sold in the same places. Drives me crazy too!

    ABOP - There are actually a few Oceans. I have Green, Red, Blue & Pink. There is also Deep Blue and Deep Red.