Polish Friends

Saturday, December 18, 2010

A Holiday layering experiment....

This was a mani that I did, just sort of playing around, lol, but I loved how it turned out. I started with my Sinful's Black on Black, and then added Sinful's All About You. Its an awesome gold, orange, rust colored glitter.

Then, cause I can never leave anything alone, I wanted to add some red to this, just to make it a tad more festive. I had this polish I ordered from Forever 21, and loved it, but it was just to sheer. Well, it was perfect for what I visioned. I love how it was sheer enough to let All About You still show through!


  1. this is sooo gorgeous!! definitely a holiday look :)

  2. Cute. I love how the black peeks out at the tips.

  3. So pretty and perfect for the holidays!

  4. This is GORGEOUS! You're amazing at layering!

  5. I looooove the second combo! It's super pretty!

  6. Thanks you guys!! I really did love this, and just might do it again , and add some Konad :)

  7. I love both of the combonations :) GORGEOUSNESSSSSSSSS ^^

  8. Wow i love this! I have spent most of the afternoon looking through your blog, its amazing! Definitely inspired me! Will have some trouble finding all of the colours and brands here in Australia, so yay for online shopping! ;)


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