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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Revlon PrisMagics.......

Sorry it took me FOREVER to post these 2 Revlons :(  I have just had so many other manis I wanted to share, but here they are!!  Levitate & Potion. These 2 are from the same collection as these were,
Magical & Crystal Ball. I even contacted Revlon, to get some info on this collection. I searched the internet, and couldn't even find the Collection name, let alone when they were released! The lovely Customer Service Rep got back to my email in a few days. So This collection was called PrisMagics and was released in 2003.

This is Levitate



  1. I like Potion, very pretty shimmery pink. Today I'm LOVING Revlon... scored 10 NP (packs of 2 for $2), then went on to find Perplex (at Ulta) AND IT WAS ON SALE, and I HAD COUPON! WOoo HoO! I got 3 of them for $5!! Am thinkin I need to go back tomorrow and grab a few more LOL. So thrilled, my stash FINALLY passed the 100 polish mark! YAAAAAAAAY!! *does happy dance*

  2. Thanks you guys!!

    Supergirl, wow, congrats on all the great finds!!! It's amazing how fast your stash can grow. Mine started at about 10 in the beginning of the year, and thanks to MUA, has grown to over 600!!!!

  3. I received "Magical" few days ago, it's so flashy! I'll try it soon :>

  4. Smaltoitaliano, isn't it just so pretty?!?!? I hope you love it as much as I do :)