Polish Friends

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

White flower konad mani.....

For this mani I used China Glazes Ruby Deer and Millenium for the design.

Then I added a few rhinestones in the center of the bigger flowers. When I add rhinestones to any mani, I use nail glue.


  1. This is perfect for the Christmas season :) Very nice!

    Kaushal xx

  2. so pretty, i love it. good tip on the nail glue cos i just use top coat and always loose them after a few hours so will use glue.

  3. this is cool! really like it! :)


  4. Bravo, very nice! :)
    I stick rhinestones on Seche Vite and wear them up to 1 week (maybe they'd last longer, I don't know, I can't wear same many longer than that).. Next time I'll try with glue then.

  5. Now this is just cute! I love it.

  6. Thanks you guys!!!

    ritterbraten, I've never tried SV, but just couldn't seem to get them to stay with other top coats. It could have been because I'm so roug hwith my nails too :P I've just always stuck with nail glue, cause I know those suckers aren't moving, lol.

  7. :) Very cute!
    Lately I've had a lot of rhinestones coming off of my manis, I'll try nail glue!

  8. You are so awesome at picking out colors that go together! That's one of the things I'm less-than-confident about.

  9. Wow...you drew those flowers by hand? Excuse me for being a creepy stalker, but I THOUGHT I had absolutely 0% interest in nail polish but now you make me want to re-learn how to paint my nails and buy 10 bottles. Back in the day I splurged on some OPI...that's the good stuff!

  10. You do such a great job of konading! The flowers are so crisp and clear, and your pictures look fantastic!


  11. Holy crap! How the HECK did you do that? I can't even draw that well on paper! :)

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