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Thursday, December 2, 2010

A Semi Holiday Patchwork Mani....

I decided to do a Holiday, yes with black, Patchwork mani. Well really only because these are the only colors I had in my purse one day during lunch, lol.

I used China Glaze Ruby Deer
Sinful Black on Black
Funky Fingers Sugar Plum (glitter)


  1. Your line are always so crisp and perfect. I need to try out your tape method :)

  2. Amazing! I love all your ideas. I really want to try this techinique now!

  3. Danielle & LthP, Thanks, you should def try it out!!!

    Kate, From what I know, the only place you can get them are from Five Below stores. Funky Fingers are also made by the same people as Color Club, so most are dupes of Color Club colors.

  4. Great mani and the idea itself! I also enjoy playing around with the tape.. :)

  5. Thanks ritterbraten! Tape has def become my BFF when it comes to manis :)

  6. Hahaha, I love that you did this because they were "the only colors in your purse." You make it sound to simple and easy, like "Eh, I had a little extra time and a couple polishes with me, so I did this WAY FREAKING AWESOME manicure." You are so cool :o)

  7. I am IN LOVE with your patchwork manis. I am definitely going to try it! I love the look and I love how you can pick whatever colors you want!


  8. Haha, thanks Goose!!! I tend to carry a some polishes with me everywhere I go, lol.

    Thanks Lindsay!! I'm glad you like these :P

  9. looks great! i love how crisp and perfect the lines are. i decided to try this out for my New Years Eve mani. My lines aren't as crisp as yours, but it's posted on my blog now if you'd like to see what you inspired :)

  10. Thank you Amanda!! I will def go check it out!

  11. https://challenges.openideo.com/profiles/1119874714489381863241486229946090