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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Ulta Dance Teal Dawn & Soho Pretty Swatches

While turning in my rewards at Ulta a few weeks ago, I grabbed these 2 polishes. This is Dance Teal Dawn, and such a great color and formula. This was 2 coats.

Here is Soho Pretty, it's a great neutral if you're looking for one :)


  1. Love the soho colour!!

    Kaushal xx

  2. The shape of your nails is always so perfect! And your application is flawless! The two colors are beautiful! And actually, I'm currently wearing a nude color that reminds me of "Soho Pretty". :)


  3. I think I need the first one! I love Ulta nail polish.
    Unrelated to this post butttt... I tried to use scotch tape for a mani to make stripes. I tried to get the tape as pressed down on the nail so there would be no bubbles anywhere.
    But I still got little bits of polish under the tape that made the lines all wobbly.
    Any advice?

  4. Why are your nails so perfect? Geez LOL So glad that you have a blog.Now I don't have to go on the MUA nail board and look.

  5. I love both colours, but Soho Pretty is just calling out to me for some reason! And you have awesome nails - I love their shape and length. I wish my nails were more like yours!

  6. Thanks you guys!!! I love Ulta's polishes!! and thanks you guys for all the sweet words about my nails!!! I feel very lucky, espesh since I was a HUGE biter for many many years!!

    Rachel Marie, the only part of the tape that I worry about getting pushed down, is the very edge that I'm using to line up for my tips or designs. If that makes sense. You will also need to semi pull the tape tight as your placing it on your nail, and that will help make sure the edges are firmly down, for no leakage, and this will also help with the lines being straight :P

    L, YAY, i'm glad you found my blog. I will probably be on MUA less and less, and work on my blog more and more!

  7. :D Thanks for the tips! I will try that next time. :)

  8. You're very welcome, I hope it helps. Please let me know :)

  9. I love the Dance Teal Dawn - that is so pretty!!

  10. I'll have to look for Dance Teal Dawn; it's a great color.

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