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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A Night of Tears and Tantrums *stomps feet*

Okay, so last night I *takes deep breath* broke my middle fingernail on my left hand, MY PICTURE TAKING HAND!!! I was racing my daughter to the car, grabbed the door handle....and SNAP, off went th top half of my middle fingernail and the corner of my index, which I can deal with that one. I literally stood there whining and staring at it!! That's my, well trained, pro posing MANI HAND!!!!! Well, having the BEST hubby in the world, he ran me to Target to get some fakes, all his idea!! I was not about to file them all down to that length! He actually picked out a set, because I was still in my whining 6 year old mode, lol.

Well here is the set he grabbed

And this is the nail massacre, the horror.....(too dramatic?, lol) Sorry for the cell pic, it's all I had near me last night

I wasn't even thinking of taking pics to show the process, sorry, till it was a little late. Anyways, this is the fake nail on and filed down to the shape I like. You can also see the corner broken off my index finger :(  I had already started my mani, that's why my ring finger is painted already, ooops.

Well, here it s all done. I just did a quick coat of black, to see how it would look, and THANK GOODNESS it came out looking great!! Whew.
I just wanted to share with you all, and maybe help a fellow friend if you are ever in this horrible position.

Sorry for the screaming, but I was really upset when it happened :P


  1. I can't even tell the difference but you have gorgeous hands.

  2. I broke the same corner of the same nail of the same hand as you did. Fortunately it was on my left hand, whereas my right hand is the one that's used to posing for pics (: Which isn't very good because I'm right handed and always paint the nails on my left hand better than my right, but my left can't pose so.. :/

    The fake nail looks real with polish on.. I definitely wouldn't have been able to tell that it was fake if you hadn't mentioned it (:

  3. I've thought about doing this before- but the horror of some chunky unfit nail always makes me just file my nails down.
    :) Now I think I should probably give it a try because yours completely passes as real!

  4. I always admire you nails, so phew you found a solution to that breakage :)

  5. I'm down to nubbins on my swatching hand *sigh* so I've given up swatching and am using my backlog of photos or using my right hand. And pouring on gobs of Qtica nail stimulator

  6. oh boo, sorry to hear that happened! but the fake nails fit perfectly! ;)

  7. I would never have known if you hadn't said anything. :) Your nails always look gorgeous (finch from MUA *waves*).

  8. those falsies are really impressive, he made a great choice !

  9. it's good to know this is an option. i always worried about the artificial nails looking fake, but it's perfect!

  10. Oh nos! I feel you, I was super bummed today because I broke my left index and I'm hosting a MUA nailboard meetup on Saturday! Boo! The fakey looks great though, good job!

  11. Thanks ladies!!! Only you all would understand the horror of breaking a nail so badly!! I really am impressed with how good this looks.

    Hey finch!!!! *waves back*

    Amy, figures doesn't it, MUA meeting planned, and you break a nail. That is the story of my life!! I'm sooo jealous though!! I want to go to a MUA meet up!! Have fun!

  12. For 2 days I've been wanting to get some of those, in winter I can never get my nails to grow, they pretty much all broke. I'm sick of my nubs :(

  13. Gabrielle, you should def try them!! Even when I was a biter, I used these for months, so they would grow out. The thing is, upon removal, you must either let them come off all by themselves or soak and remove with 100% acetone. Otherwise they will destroy your nails. Plus, no one even knows that it is fake!!

  14. So sad you broke your nail... sad face but these look so nice

  15. Thank you Antosxewskia! I'm still upset because of it, lol. Oh well, it's slowly growing back

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