Polish Friends

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

2010 China Glaze Holiday Collection has arrived................

I ordered these from http://www.transdesign.com/ last week, and they arrived tonight!! I love their fast shipping. Anyways, I just had to swatch them all and share with you guys, so here goes.

Jolly Holly

Little Drummer Boy

Ruby Deer

Naught and Nice

Party Hearty over Jolly Holly

Mrs. Claus over Ruby Deer

Mrs. Claus over Naught and Nice

I still want/need to get Frosty, but TD didn't have it on their site yet, hopefully soon!


  1. These are such beautiful swatches and photos! I thought I only needed Party Hearty, but now I think I need them all! Thanks for sharing right away!

  2. i love these polishes even more now that i have seen them on you! and i also NEED frosty.
    of all the ones you ordered, was there one you wouldn't order again?

  3. Great job! I picked up Ruby Deer, Naughty and Nice, Peace on Earth (the olive frost) today. I so ♥ your swatches, girl...

  4. Thanks & you're very welcome Cyan!

    jbrobeck, Mrs. Claus would be one, I could def live without. It is pretty, but like you see, I tried layering it twice, but just wasn't getting anything I was loving.

    AllThingsNails!, How do you like Peace on earth? That wasn't available yet either & thanks!!

  5. You gave me some awesome layering ideas with this post. Thanks so much

  6. TD does have Frosty! It's where I got mine. You just have to go to the CG A-Z color page to find it :D

  7. Oh DANG IT!!!! Thanks Nikki, guess where I'm off to? lol

  8. All of them look so glam on you!! :D

  9. Holy Crap, these are gorgeous! Great swatches :)


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