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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Petites Color Fever......

I love me some Petites! I purchased these at a local Rite-Aid a few months ago, and you have to see the AMAZING colors, these have. Application doesn't get much smoother, and all were only 2 coats. They are so bright!! They area still available in my area, and cost about $1.99, which is a little much, considering they are half the size of regular polishes, and are drugstore. Oh well, color beats the price.

This is Wild plum. Such a glowy bright fun purple!

Rasberry Ice, Do you see how bright this is!?!? This would make a great pedi!

Last of all is Black Diamond, I wish I was able to get a better picture in the sun, this is very holo in real life!!!

I say, get these if you can. Honestly, these colors are sooo bright!!!


  1. Thanks Jamie!! These colors really are sooo bright & fun!

  2. so weird, i bought black diamond tonight and in the bottle it doesnt look holo at all....but i still bought it. lol

  3. Kalee, yeah in the bottle, it doesn't look like a whole bunch, but once in the sun, you can see the slight holo, not as much as others, but there is still some :P