Polish Friends

Friday, October 8, 2010

My 2 Jessica polishes...

Venus Was Her Name, is one of my top 10 polishes of all time. She is gorgeous, and in my opinion, better than Chanel's Paradoxal. I love everything about her, from the deep murky purple, to the bright purple shimmer, that hides inside. The minute I saw a pic of this, I had to have it, and for once, it wasn't LE, and was available. I got these two of of Jessica's website.
Application was amazing, and only 2 coats for both. I really need to get more.

Here she is (trumpets playing in the background) .....
Venus Was Her Name!!!!!!! (cheering)

The 2nd one I got was Greta, which I gues is nice, but looked way better on the site (sigh) oh well


  1. Nice!
    I agree that VWHN is far better than the Chanel!

    I love that red foil, though!!!

  2. Thanks, not only is it better, but cheaper!! It's a win win!

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