Polish Friends

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

OPI Burlesque Glitters have arrived....

So I know I'm a little behind, but I finally got the 3 polishes, from the Burlesque collection, that I ordered. I wasn't really interested in the others, but glitters.....I have a hard time resisting. I love them all!! They were all 3 coats, and would probably do best either with 1 more coat, or just layered over another color, which is what I will do next when I actually wear them.

First is Simmer & Shimmer  

Next is Show it & Glow It


and the last of the 3 I got is Sparkle-Icious

All have sooo much glitter and sparkle in each, how can you resist!!!!


  1. So much sparkle! I wasn't sure how I felt about this collection, or any new collection with glitter involved. I'm always worried that there's just so much you can do with glitter before you just start renaming the bottles. lol But these are lovely! Thanks for the swatches!

  2. You're welcome! I can def see where you are coming from, that's why I didn't get the other glitters in this collection. But these, have color combos I've never seen!!! Plus Frankening is a pita to me, lol.

  3. Hahaha! I was at Cosmo Prof today after class (I go to cosmetology school and that's where I fell in love with nails) and I finally saw the entire display. I definitely see what you mean about the different color combinations. Some were seriously pretty. And I was really hoping that The Show Must Go On was going to be a dupe of MAC Bad Fairy...but I was sorely mistaken. lol

  4. Oh I was too!! Until I saw some swatches, and nope, dang it! I guess I'm off to go buy that now too!! Congrats about going to cosmo school! I would love to!!

  5. when i wear glitter nail polishes, i have the WORST time trying to get it off. Do you know of any easier way to get it off?

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