Polish Friends

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

OPI Ink (I always think of Finding Nemo, when I look at this name)

Just to get it out.......I made my BF , now hubby, take me to see Finding Nemo in theatres 4 times!!!! I have never been to a movie twice in theatres, but this one, I was obsessed with! Okay, whew, 1 confession down, a bazzillion to go.

I cannot believe I had had this in my untrieds FOREVER!! I have to say though, it looks better in the bottle in my opinion. It's still a nice formula and very pretty on the nail. Here it is, 1 coat layered over black.


  1. i love finding nemo! it was one of the first DVDs I ever watched with my then-to-be husband. And ink is in my untrieds too!

  2. Wasn't it such a great movie! I mean all the characters were perfect!

  3. Finding Nemo is in my top 3! I am obsessed. Dori is my hero. Ink looks amazing on you. Really amazing. It looked so blah on me.

  4. ooooog! i love that color! and finding nemo is one of my favorite movies!! :)

  5. Thanks Piff & Katrina! That movie is one of only a few, that I can watch over & over, and still laugh my a$$ off!!


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